Changes to Tattoo Law in Lakewood?

LAKEWOOD, OH - The City of Lakewood has had a law on the books for a long time that requires tattooing be performed or supervised by a medical doctor, and councilman Dan O'Malley wants to change that. 

O'Malley sent a letter to council members asking that the city review the code and replace it with "more reasonable language". O'Malley says Lakewood's law effectively prohibits tattooing. 

He says a recent study by the Harris poll shows that a majority of Americans in their thirties have a tattoo, and 70% have more than one. It's a business estimated at around $3 billion a year. O'Malley also points out that "tattoos are becoming increasingly mainstream, and the industry has become remarkably professionalized".  He says he doesn't think the city should be prohibiting "this perfectly legitimate and mainstream industry" from existing in Lakewood.  

The letter has been referred to council's health and human services committee for further study.

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