Robber With Bad Penmanship Holds Up Store

(Youngstown) - Police in Youngstown are looking for a robbery suspect who likely failed penmanship class.

A police report says a man came into Family Dollar store on Market Street in Youngstown.  He walked around the store, and brought a bottle of pop to the counter.  The man also put on the counter a hand-written note.

The clerk behind the counter looked at the note, and gave it back to the customer, saying he couldn't read it, as the writing was illegible.  The clerk asked the customer to read the note to him.

The police report doesn't say specifically what the note said, but the clerk figured out that this was a holdup, so only then did he open the cash register, handing money and a pack of cigarettes over to the customer, who then took off.

(Photo courtesy Youngstown Police)

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