Customers shocked over Sam's Club flood

(Cleveland) - Northeast Ohio is drying out after torrential downpours left some communities underwater.  The heavy rain yesterday caused flash flooding along Brookpark and Tiedeman Roads, forcing first responders to use rafts to rescue dozens of people.  

Cars were flooded in the Sam's Club while customers were inside shopping. Today, many returned to inspect their vehicles and discovered they had been totaled. 

One customer returned to see his 2015 Town & Country van filled with water. He says it's a $20,000 loss. 

Other vehicles had tree trunks on their hoods, and branches inside along with lots of brown mud covering the seats and floorboards. 

Most would not start up. Some owners are demanding that Sam's Club compensate them for their loss, claiming they were were never warned about rising waters while they were purchasing goods inside the store. 

The nearby Burger King was closed as multiple crews worked to remove mounds of mud and dirt inside.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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