Search For "Facebook Killer" Covers Five States

(CLEVELAND) - Cleveland Police, the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service continue their search for a man who posted video of a murder on Facebook Sunday afternoon.

The suspect has been identified as Steve Stephens (pictured above).  He is described as a 6'1'', bald, African American male with a full beard. 

Steve Anthony, Agent in Charge of the Cleveland FBI office, said this about Stephens: "at this point, he could be in a number of places.  He could be near, he could be far away."

The shooting happened at 635 East 93rd Street.  The victim is identified as 74 year old Robert Godwin Sr. 

Stephens also claimed to have committed several other crimes, including murders.  Cleveland Police Cheif Calvin Williams says no additional victims have been found at this time.  

He was last known to be driving a white Ford Fusion with temporary tags.  This is an actual photo of the car, provided by Cleveland Police.  

He is considered armed and dangerous, if seen, call 9-1-1. 

(Photos of Stephens and car Courtesy Cleveland Police; Photo of news conference by Ken Robinson/WTAM 1100)

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