Akron man accused of a sickening crime

(Summit County) - An Akron man is accused of threatening his elderly mother and killing the family dog by snapping his neck. 

James W. Taylor is charged with domestic violence-menacing and animal cruelty. 

Officers responded to a home on Frase Avenue near Eastland Avenue in Akron's Goodyear Heights neighborhood.  

The police report reads as follows: "The 95 year old victim reported her son came home intoxicated.  Her son was assisted to his bedroom by the victim’s grandson.  Several minutes later, the son came out of his bedroom after seeing that the victim’s dog had urinated on the floor.  The son, James W. Taylor, came out of his bedroom, grabbed the dog off of the victim’s lap and went back into his bedroom with the dog.  While in the bedroom, the son snapped the dog’s neck and then placed the dog in the dog’s bed.  The dog was found dead that morning by the grandson and victim.  The son then threatened to snap his 95 year old mother’s neck."

According to investigators, a relative phoned police and said Taylor was drunk and the elderly lady was terrified. Taylor is being held on $10,000 bond.

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