The Buzzards Were A Bit Late

(Hinckley Township) – They thought that for the first time since it became an official event 60 years ago, no buzzards would be seen this March 15th at Hinckley Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks.  That according to naturalist Sharon Hosko, who has been the official Metroparks buzzard spotter for the past four years.

Hosko and others braved the cold all morning, and left Buzzard's Roost around 11:00 a.m.  Then, at 1:16 p.m., buzzards were spotted over the field, and Hosko confirms their sighting, making it official.

Hosko says during the morning, the weather just wasn’t right to see one of the scavenger birds at Buzzard’s Roost in Medina County.  She says the scavenger birds ride on warm updrafts, and it was just too cold and cloudy for updrafts to happen.

Hosko says she was disappointed during the morning, but points out that they are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

A legend that dates back about 200 years says that buzzards were spotted in Hinckley Township around March 15th of each year.  In 1957, a Cleveland Press reporter convinced the Cleveland Metroparks to begin what became an annual watch for the birds on March 15th.

This Sunday’s Buzzard Sunday events, sponsored by the Hinckley Chamber of Commerce, will still be held at the Township Hall and at Buzzard’s Roost, buzzards or not.

(Photo by John McDougall/Getty Images)

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