Psychic pleads guilty to stealing $1.5 million

(Lake County) - Mentor psychic Gina Miller faces eight years in prison after pleading guilty to scamming clients out of close to $1.5 million dollars in cash, cars and jewelry.  

Miller was charged with aggravated theft. Prosecutors say Miller convinced clients that harm would come to them or their relatives if they didn't provide her with money and other property. 

Miller is scheduled to be sentenced on April 27th. Investigators contend the crimes took place at Gina's Psychic Studio on Mentor Avenue from 2001 to 2015.

Chuck Dague owns the "Twisted Heads" smoke shop next door, and says Miller was always trying to make deals, but he wasn't interested, and doesn't believe in psychics. 

Karen Martin owns the "Say Yes To Her Dress" fashion shop nearby, and saw Miller frequently and seemed to be friendly. However, Martin says she declined Miller's offer to perform psychic readings. 

Dague and Miller admit being suspicious because there seemed to be people living in the studio, and Miller was often seen driving a variety of expensive vehicles.

Photos by Ken Robinson & Kathy Davis WTAM

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