(Cleveland) -- Two newborns are calling the Terminal Tower their home. They are Peregrine Falcons, and they and their parents reside on a 12th floor ledge on downtown's landmark tower building.

Tuesday is banding day for the chicks. That's when wildlife biologists from the ODNR (Ohio Department of Natural Resources) Division of Wildlife put metal bands on the legs of the chicks so they can be identified.

The Division of Wildlife says it has confirmed 31 territorial pairs of Peregrine Falcons in 2013, which produced 27 chicks. A total of 15 active nests are in northeast Ohio with nine of them in Cuyahoga County. The Terminal Tower nest belongs to parents Boomer and SW.

Click on the link to see one of the "Falcon Cams." It's a still picture that will update every couple of minutes if you click "reload" on your web browser.

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