(Lakewood) - Looking to escape from the bitter cold? Relief is as near as your YMCA.

 Monica Zayd is aquatics director at the Lakewood YMCA, where it’s always 85 degrees by the swimming pool in the natatorium. In the sauna room the temperature can reach up to 170 degrees.

 Zayd spends 8-to-10 hours a day in the warm natatorium and says it’s like living on a tropical island.

 It seems more folks are visiting the Lakewood YMCA to get away from the cold, says lifeguard Heather Wade, who explains she often forgets how cold it is outside, after spending 8 hours in the balmy atmosphere.

Monica Zayd

 "Y" member "Kim" says she regularly swims at the pool and contends it's far better than a getaway trip to Florida. She explains, there are no TSA people to deal with, no long lines, and no huge bill.

 Kim says you can spend all day at the Lakewood “Y” and totally forget about the frigid conditions outside.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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