"Law & Order: Organized Crime" Teaser Return Of Stabler

The trailer is extremely brief (it’s only about 16 seconds long), but we do get our first bonafide look at Detective Stabler back in the saddle, looking every bit as grizzled as we’d expect him to look after ten years of watching crime on the sidelines. He delivers some dialogue to this effect, and then the trailer ends, hitting us in the face with the show’s logo and April 1 premiere date. Like I said, the clip is brief, but it manages to contain roughly seven hours of hype in its 16-second runtime.

Law & Order: Organized Crime will be the seventh Law & Order series since the original debuted back in 1990. There has been some iteration of the popular police procedural on the air every year for the past three decades, which is wild to think about. In addition to Meloni, Organized Crime will feature Dylan McDermott,Tamara Taylor, and Danielle Moné Truitt, with Hargitay set to make a guest appearance as Stabler’s former partner, Captain Olivia Benson. Check out the trailer below.Law & Order: Organized Crimelands on Peacock April 1.

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