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As the school year comes to an end in the next few months, parents and students are already starting to come to Best Buy to look for next year’s computer.

A common question our Geek Squad Agents hear is “What technical specs should I be looking at?” 

Instead, the more important factors that will affect your buying decision are Performance. Comfort. Value.  Every customer that steps into a Best Buy has different needs.  Which is why our Blueshirt Computer Experts and Geek Squad will seek to understand what each of those 3 factors mean to that customer.

Performance: "I want a computer that will help me perform the tasks I need to and won't leave me waiting."If your needs are to use the computer for web browsing, emails, editing documents and maybe funny cat videos, then your performance needs are likely to be met with an entry-level laptop with a reasonable processor, system memory, and hard drive. On the other hand, if you're a gamer or professional with higher performance needs, you may be considering a gaming laptop or even a desktop with the latest and greatest processor, as much RAM as you can afford, and a screaming fast solid-state drive for storage. Glowing lights and slick looks may not be required, but often help.

Comfort: "My computer should be comfortable to use and fit into my daily life."If you're always on the go, then it's possible you might be considering the weight and size of an ultra-portable laptop. At the same time, if you're doing a lot of typing on that laptop, you're going to want to visit a local Best Buy to take that laptop for a test run to make sure the keyboard is comfortable and easy to type on, and that screen is large enough that you're not looking for when your next Ophthalmologist, Optometrist or Optician visit will be.How that computer fits comfortably into your daily life may even determine whether you're considering a desktop versus a laptop. If you don't need to take the computer with you (say, your smartphone or tablet is good enough while on the go), you might be considering a desktop computer for the wide-range of keyboards you can choose from along with the luxury of a larger, easier on the eyes desktop monitor. Or even a 4K UHD monitor.And don't forget sound performance. With a laptop, you're going to need to consider how well the built-in speakers work or consider a good set of headphones. With a desktop, you may be happy with the standard 2 desktop speakers, or you might want to upgrade to a soundbar or even 7.1 surround system for immersive gaming sessions.

Value: "A computer is an investment, I want to be happy when I walk away from the register."The impact on your wallet is an important consideration. You may want the world's biggest, best computer. Even if your budget is modest, there's likely a computer that will hit as much of your performance and comfort needs without breaking the bank. Or, you may honestly be fine with stretching that budget if it means you get a feature important to you in those other categories.One area that this may affect your decision beyond the price is the durability of the computer. If it's a laptop, does it feel like it will last. Is the screen hinge flimsy or built like a tank? Same for a desktop. Of course, to protect that investment, you'll also want to consider a Geek Squad Protectionplan should something unexpectedly happen down the line, from a hard drive defect to accidentally dropping that laptop while on the way to class. 

Need help? Our 20,000 Geek Squad Agents are standing by to help, at your local Best Buy, at 1-800 GEEKSQUAD (800-433-5778) or online at

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