First Steps for Your New 4K UHD TV From Agent Meister Of The Geek Squad

First Steps for Your New 4K UHD TV

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Agent Derek Meister of the Geek Squad gave tips to Bill on First Steps for Your New 4K UHD TV

First Steps for Your New 4K UHD TV

I recently purchased a TCL 55” 4K Ultra-HD TV with HDR and built-in Roku streaming (a really good deal at $599.99 with great reviews from both our customers and 3rd-party reviewers) and thought I’d share some of the first steps the average person will want to consider when setting up their new TV.


Viewing DistanceIf you’re upgrading to a TV better than your old one, such as a larger screen, or even moving from HD to 4k, one of the first adjustments you’ll want to consider is your couch.Home Theater experts will often recommend a viewing angle of 40° for the most comfortable experience. That number just represents how wide the TV appears in your vision at a set distance. And since you’ve already got your new TV, it’s where you sit that will help get that best angle.While it sounds complicated, the formula isn’t. The best distance is to take that diagonal TV screen size (like 55 inches) and multiply it by 1.5 to 2.5 to get your optimal range. So a 55” TV multiplied by 1.5 or 2.5 gives about 83” to 138” (around 7’ to 11.5’). One nice thing about the pixel density on a 4K TV is that you can even move to within 1 to 1.5 times that distance and still enjoy a good image.

Check Your Ports (and Cables)When setting up your new TV, check the manual for information on the HDMI ports as most TVs will have 2, 4, or more ports, and not all of them will be equal. Some TVs may have multiple HDMI 1.4 ports for regular content, and a few HDMI 2.0 ports for 4K content. Or you may have an HDMI port that mentions ARC or Audio Return Channel. That ARC port is typically what you’ll plug your AV receiver or soundbar to as it sends audio channels from other inputs on the TV out across that HDMI cable.And a quick tip, be mindful that an older HDMI cable may work, but it also may not be designed to support all the features and requirements of the newer HDMI 2.0 and above standards for your 4K TV.Your TV manual will normally explain the best setup for most situations, but if any of that sounds confusing, no worries, Geek Squad offers in-home TV Setup and Connect services.

Look for Motion Smoothing in your MenuOne of the features to look for in your manual’s index is Motion Smoothing. It’s designed to cut down on jittery video, but if it’s set too high, it can cause an effect that makes your video look like that of an 80s soap opera. In most cases, it’s fine to leave the feature on, but turn it down to the lowest setting you’re comfortable with. If you’re a gamer, however, you may want to turn it accept the quality loss and completely off to get the kind of lag-free performance that a video gamer console may require for the best performance.

Other Settings?The number of other image and video quality settings can be a little daunting, and while I’ll normally recommend avoiding changing them without care, one setting you might want to look for has to do with the brightness settings on the TV, yet isn’t actually named “Brightness”.Instead, you’ll often see it called “Display” or “Vibrant Mode”, so check your manual for something along those lines.Instead of a percentage, this mode usually has named settings, like “movie” or “cinematic”, and those two are often the ones most people choose as their favorite. One tip is not to automatically choose which setting you like because it’s brighter. It’s a good idea to let the TV play in that mode for a while, or even step away for a bit and come back, and then make your decision so you’ve had a chance to make sure the contrast or darkness of a particular mode looks good in the long run.

Consider Geek Squad TV CalibrationIf you’re wanting to get the best quality from your TV without having to learn what every last menu setting means, consider the Geek Squad TV Calibration service. Our Agents will help you get a TV picture with truer colors and sharper images.Call us at 1-800 GEEKSQUAD (800-433-5778) or speak to the Home Theater Experts at your local Best Buy for more information.

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