Bruce Arians Could Be Front-Runner For Bucs Job

It was a year ago at this time that former Arizona Cardinal head coach Bruce Arians announced that he was retiring from football.

And one year later it seems he may have just been retiring to Florida—but not from football.

At least according to a story out of the Tampa Bay Times yesterday saying Arians “remains the front runner” for the vacant Buccaneers job.

And it’s no surprise that Arians has been widely considered the top candidate since his name was first linked to the opening.

Because Arians is not only noted for his strong relationship with quarterbacks—which is a top priority for this job as the team is basically giving former Number 1 overall pick QB Jameis Winston one more season—but he has an even stronger relationship with the Bucs GM Jason Licht.

Still, on the other hand, Arians himself has previously said he’d only come out of retirement for the Browns job.

Which doesn’t mean he won’t take the Bucs job.

Just that it will cost them.

Source:NBC Sports

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