FRIDAY 8-10-18

1. Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield played in his first NFL game last night. How do you rate his performance?

2. An Atlanta School has eliminated the morning Pledge of Allegiance. The decision was made in part because the school says more people are choosing not to stand or recite the pledge. The campus president for Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School said students and teachers will work on a new school pledge to recite along with its Wolfpack Chant. Where do you stand, pledge or no pledge?

3. A man claims he was fired because of his man bun. Sid Ouared, who was in a two week customer service program for British Airways, says he was terminated because of his hair. He said he wore the bun during training but was told it was against the dress code on the last day. His supervisors gave him three choices; cut his hair, put it in a turban or wear dreadlocks. Ouared says he was discriminated against. Was he?

4. A U.S. Senate Committee would like to Interview WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to discuss alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election. WikiLeaks published a letter from the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee which asked Assange to make himself available to testify in person at a closed hearing. There were no details about how an interview with the U.S. senators would be carried out, but a spokesperson did say that “anything is possible with this." Assange is a wanted man and lives in asylum in the Embassy of Ecuador in London since 2012. Do you think there is any chance that he would testify?

5. NASA Astronaut Leland Melvin once thought he had an alien encounter in space. Asked on Twitter if he'd ever seen a UFO, Melvin said that one time when he was aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis he saw "something organic/alien like floating out of the payload bay". Melvin says he called ground control about it, and they told him it was ice that had broken off the Freon hoses. Asked if he thought there was a chance it was more than ice, Melvin said "Don't think so but you never know". What do you think? Could it have been just space ice or possibly an alien?

6.  A school district in South Carolina is getting rid of “snow days” and is replacing them with eLearning Days. When classrooms are closed because of the weather, teachers will send parents digital assignments their children will have to complete at home. If for any reason students have a problem accessing the internet, they will still be required to complete the assignment within five days on their own time. What you like to see eLearning days be implemented in Northeast Ohio schools?

7. After 54 years of continuous production, the 10 millionth Ford Mustang has rolled off the assembly line at its Flat Rock, Michigan, assembly plant. To mark the occasion, Ford has invited 60 Mustang owners representing each generation of the car to celebrate the milestone. Even after 10 million cars built, the Mustang is still America's best-selling sports car, according to Ford. What is the best American made sports car in your opinion? The Camaro, The Corvette, The Dodge Challenger or The Mustang?

8. Uber and Lyft got some bad news after New York City Council voted to cap the number of ridesharing vehicles that can operate in the Big Apple. The new rules will make New York the first major American city to restrict the number of Uber and Lyft drivers and establishes pay rules. Is this a way to protect cab companies? Do you think cabs should go the way of land-line phones?

9. Despite other tech companies like YouTube, Apple, Facebook, and Spotify; Twitter will not be banning Alex Jones and his show Infowars. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said, “He hasn't violated our rules. We'll enforce if he does and we won’t succumb and simply react to outside pressure." Do you agree or disagree with the decision by Twitter?

10. Tokyo will use facial recognition at the 2020 Olympics. The large-scale rollout will be in use at both the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games to identify over 300,000 people, including athletes, volunteers, media, and other staff. The system, which is the first time facial recognition technology will be used at the Olympics, is necessary because the Games will take place all over the city, rather than in just one location. Does the coming widespread use of facial recognition technology worry you?

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