1.        “Hard Knocks” debuted on HBO and it will some hard knocks for Browns rookie receiver Antonio Callaway who was cited for possession of marijuana and driving under with a suspended license around 3 a.m. Sunday. While in college at the University of Florida, he was suspended for the entire 2017 season for being involved in a credit card scam and he also provided a diluted sample during a drug test at the NFL Combine.  What do you think of the Browns drafting players with character issues? 

2. reports that the Akron Public Schools are paying the majority of the cost of the new I Promise School in Akron partially funded by LeBron James. The LeBron James Foundation is spending about $2 million for the school’s first year and it’s also committed to spending $2 million a year when the school has reached capacity.  I Promise is expected to cost about $8 million a year and the difference in the money will have to come out of the district’s regular budget.  Did LeBron James get too much credit for the I Promise School?  Did it comes across that he was footing the entire bill?

3.      Today is August 8th which marks the 50th anniversary of Richard Nixon accepting the Republican nomination for President at their convention in Miami Beach.  He went on to defeat Hubert Humphrey to become the 37th President of the United States until he was forced to resign over the Watergate scandal in 1974.  Was he the worst President in the modern era?

4.      Twitter is a flutter about the flip flops that New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick wore at the Pro Football Hall of Fame inductions as he was there to support Randy Moss.  Do you think it was classless to wear flip flops?

5.      Robert Cook from Cleveland was charged with 13 felony counts of dog fighting and cruelty to animals.  He was also charged with drug possession and possessing criminals tools.  What should happen to Cook if he’s tried and convicted?

6.      Tokyo will use facial recognition at the 2020 Olympics. The large-scale rollout will be in use at both the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games to identify over 300,000 people, including athletes, volunteers, media, and other staff. The system, which is the first time facial recognition technology will be used at the Olympics, is necessary because the Games will take place all over the city, rather than in just one location.  Does the coming widespread use of facial recognition technology worry you?

7.    A school district in South Carolina is getting rid of “snow days” and is replacing them with eLearning Days.  When classrooms are closed because of the weather, teachers will send parents digital assignments their children will have to complete at home.  If for any reason students have a problem accessing the internet, they will still be required to complete the assignment within five days on their own time.   What you like to see eLearning days be implemented in Northeast Ohio schools?

8.      Iran is experiencing its first wave of U.S. sanctions and President Trump has a stern message for any other country doing business with them. In a tweet, the President made it clear that "anyone doing business with Iran will NOT be doing business with the United States." Trump also stated that "these are the most biting sanctions ever imposed, and in November they ratchet up to yet another level."  How do you feel about the sanctions? Do you think we will see higher gas prices in the U.S.?

9.      Authorities in Washington state are on high alert and advising residents to keep an eye on their pets, because of what's believed to be a serial pet killer. At least 7 cats have been mutilated and had their spines removed.  Authorities say that the cuts are too clean to be an accident and in one instance, a surgical glove was found next to a cat's body. What should been done to the person or people responsible if they are caught and convicted?

10.   Florida's southwest beaches are dealing with thousands of dead fish and other sea life washing up on shore. The deaths are being attributed to a "Red Tide", a higher-than-normal algae bloom that can be deadly for sea life.  Researchers say the red tide typically happens for a few weeks in late summer, but this year's has been going since the spring. In addition to thousands of fish, researchers say at least 400 sea turtles, as well as dead dolphins and manatees, have been found on beaches in recent months. Have you heard about the red tide? Can anything done to clean it up?

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