MONDAY 8-6-18

1.  Urban Meyer on Friday said he followed proper reporting protocols, Courtney Smith was the first one to come out about alleged spousal abuse and her ex-husband Zack Smith went on an iHeartRadio station in Columbus on Friday and denied he ever abused his wife.  What are your thoughts on the days of their lives on what he said, she said, he said.

2.      Will Urban Meyer be on the sidelines as coach of the Buckeyes sometime this fall or not?

3.      The son of Osama bin Laden, Hazma bin Laden, is believed to have married the daughter of the lead 9/11 hijacker and he vowed to avenge the death of his father.  Last year, the State Department put Hazma bin Laden on the Specially Designated Global Terrorist list after it was determined to pose a serious risk of committing acts of terrorism.  Why have we not heard about Hazma bin Laden up to the point?  Does it concern you that he has literally teamed up with the daughter of the lead 9/11 hijacker?

4.      A man in Ohio was cited for criminal damage because he didn't wait for police before smashing a window to save two dogs who were trapped inside a parked car outside a Walmart. Richard Hill says he noticed that one of the dogs, a puppy, wasn't moving, so he grabbed a hammer from his truck to break them out. Police sympathize with Hill, saying his heart was in the right place, but that he should have waited for cops to arrive.  Should Hill have been charged with a crime?

5.      French lawmakers approved a bill this week that outlines steep fines for gender-based harassment on the country's streets and public transportation. The law will allow for fines of 90-750 euros, which equates to about $104 to $868, for sexual or sexist comments. That definition also includes behavior that is degrading, humiliating, intimidating, hostile or offensive and there are even higher fines for taking "upskirt" photos.  Would you like to see an Ohio law on catcalls?

6.    A school district in South Carolina is getting rid of “snow days” and is replacing them with eLearning Days.  When classrooms are closed because of the weather, teachers will send parents digital assignments their children will have to complete at home.  If for any reason students have a problem accessing the internet, they will still be required to complete the assignment within five days on their own time.   What you like to see eLearning days be implemented in Northeast Ohio schools?

7.      Florida's southwest beaches are dealing with thousands of dead fish and other sea life washing up on shore. The deaths are being attributed to a "Red Tide", a higher-than-normal algae bloom that can be deadly for sea life.  Researchers say the red tide typically happens for a few weeks in late summer, but this year's has been going since the spring. In addition to thousands of fish, researchers say at least 400 sea turtles, as well as dead dolphins and manatees, have been found on beaches in recent months. Have you heard about the red tide? Can anything done to clean it up?

8.      An anonymous former waitress who admitted to stealing from an Arizona restaurant felt remorse and sent $1,000 in cash and a letter admitting to stealing money more than 20 years ago.  In the letter, the waitress said she worked there in the 1990’s while attending the University of Arizona and admitted to regularly taking money from the restaurant by not charging for drinks. The letter said in part, “I am very sorry that I stole from you. Please accept my apology, this money as a repayment plus 20 years of interest. May God forever bless you and your family."  Do you regret anything you have done in the past?

9.      The Harrisburg Catholic Diocese in Pennsylvania released the names of 71 priests and religious officials accused of child sex abuse since the 1940s. Bishop Ronald Gainer addressed the diocese in a written statement and introduced a new website that not only lists all the names of those accused but what is being done to protect children and how to report child abuse. The diocese announcement comes days after the state Supreme Court said a grand jury report on diocese sex abuse can soon be made public. Should all Catholic Diocese across the country do the same including the Cleveland Catholic Diocese.

10.   Idaho prisoners across state correctional facilities reportedly hacked hand-held tablets in a mass scheme to steal nearly $225,000.  The inmates were able to use JPay tablets to transfer the funds into their own accounts by exploiting a vulnerability within the device.  What should be done to the prisoners?

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