1.      The American/National League won the All-Star Game in Washington, DC last night, known since 1933 as the Midsummer Classic. Cleveland hosts the game in 2019 -- what does this mean for the city?

2.   It was apparently an elderly woman who drove into a Walmart in Mentor, killing a pedestrian and injuring herself and another person. At what age should we stop allowing    people to drive and should there be more stringent testing for elderly drivers?

3.      A Dunkin' Donuts on West 117th Street made headlines Monday after an employee refused to serve an on-duty Cleveland police officer. The employee said he didn't serve cops and was subsequently fired. In a twist        the officer he turned away was Frank Garmback, the driver of the police cruiser that responded to the Tamir Rice call. Rice, 12, was shot and killed by Garmback's partner -- officer Timothy Loehmann -- at Cudell      Recreation Center in 2014 although the employee says he wasn't aware of the connection. This seems like another example of hostility toward police -- what can be done to repair the relationship between the police     department and some sectors of the population?

4.      "Not tonight, I have to go shopping."  A new study shows 59% of women between the ages of 45 and 64 would chose a trip down store aisles over a roll in the sheets, choosing shopping over sex if they had to pick one.  Meanwhile, 75% would give up passionate nights for sun-filled days, choosing a sunny beach vacation over steamy sex. Is there anything you'd give up sex for?  (Source: Whimm)

5.       A new report shows kids 6 to 16 years old are only spending out seven hours a week outdoors, including weekends. Instead, kids are spending more than two hours a day playing games on phones or other devices.  Meanwhile,  two-thirds or parents are worried about this and 40% of parents say they have to force kids to leave the house. Should we be concerned about the future for our young people or is this lack or activity just        preparing them for a future that will be increasingly digital? (Source: SWNS Digital)

6.      A Senate candidate in Arizona who is campaigning for fewer gun laws has admitted he shot and killed his own mother with a gun back in the 60s.    Bobby Wilson says when he was 18-years-old in 1963, his mother stuck a         rifle in his face and bullets whizzed by his face before he picked up his own gun and shot her inside their home. The candidate says there are circumstances when there's a need for a good guy with a gun.  AZCentral   reports he was tried on murder charges in Oklahoma but they were eventually dismissed. Do you embrace a candidate like this or does a candidate like this scare you?

7.      A recent poll finds more than half of workers believe they'll work past their 65th birthday while 13% say they don't expect to ever retire. They responded that the age for someone to be considered "old" was 70. Is 70         the new 60 and is this a recent phenomenon that we can work longer and be considered younger until we reach out eighth decade?

8.       Americans apparently feel they deserve to be pampered since they'll spend $143,000 in their lifetime. Overall, Americans are spending almost $200 a month -- or 22% of their disposable income --  on either "self-care"         treatments or luxury experiences. Is this level of luxury warranted or should we think about spending money to help others and on other worthwhile causes. (Source: New York Post)

9.      Temperatures are cooling down but they’ve been around the 90s for the past two weeks. A new study from Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health contends extreme heat reduces cognitive function. The study   found during a heat wave,  students who were in dorms with air conditioning scored better on tests than students without air conditioning. Does the heat make us stupid?

10.     A new Gallup poll reveals 64% of Americans believe Roe v. Wade should stand, while 28% would like to see it overturned. The poll was taken last week before President Trump picked Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring   Justice Anthony Kennedy.  Where do you stand on the Roe v. Wade issue?

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