MONDAY 7-16-18

1.      Special counsel Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russian nationals for hacking into the computer networks of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the DNC, and the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. There were calls over the weekend for the President to cancel his meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin since some Democrats say this is tantamount to an act of war. How should President Trump handle today’s meeting with President Putin?

2.      France/Croatia won the World Cup Sunday and it seemed like, despite the fact the United States didn’t qualify, there was a lot of interest in this soccer championship. Does this signal soccer is gaining popularity in the United States?

3.      Two people were killed and one injured at a shooting at the I-90 ramps at West 117th Street. Saturday. Police (as of Sunday) didn’t know if the victims were targeted or were the victims of road rages. Regardless, given the fact it was broad daylight and close to a business district, is it time to start worrying that no one is safe from violent crime?

4.      The Greater Cleveland Film Commission celebrated the 40th anniversary of “Animal House” with a benefit Saturday night that included a live band, kegs of beer, togas, and a showing of the iconic comedy. Why has a movie about a group of college underachievers set in the 50s at fictitious Faber College become so beloved and endured so long?

5.      New York  City has opened “The Dreamery,” a nap store where you can sleep for 45 minutes in the middle of the day, complete with complimentary refreshments, toothbrush, toothpaste, and pajamas, all for $25. Do you think this might catch on? (Source: Moneyish)

6.      There’s a bill introduced by a Missouri Republican Jason Smith knows as the Personal Health Investment Today Act, or PHIT, that would give a tax deduction of up to $1000 for those who go to the gym or participate in a fitness activity. Given the cost of obesity in this country, is this a wise move? (Source: Forbes)

7.      The Centers of Disease Control says between 2013 and 2016, 49% of Americans were on diets. Exercise and eating less was the most common way to try to lose weight with 63% of dieters. If almost half the country is on a diet, why are we still overweight?

8.      If you think social media is filled with people trying to make others feel bad, you might be right: 65% of people admit to posting vacation shots to make others envious, 36% of Millennials admit to posting images to make their trip look better than it was, and 30% of people say their travel plans are influenced by social media. Is this another example of the negative influence of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

9.      Temperatures have been around the 90s for the past two weeks. A new study from Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health contends extreme heat reduces cognitive function. The study found during a heat wave, students who were in dorms with air conditioning scored better on tests than students without air conditioning. Does the heat make us stupid?

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