THURSDAY 7-12-18

1.      The North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO was founded in 1949 as a way to unify countries against Soviet aggression.  The treaty states that an armed attack against one or more member states in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all.  In 2016, NATO members spent $920 billion on defense and the United States paid 70% of the cost.  NATO members have committed to spending 2% of the annual gross domestic product on defense but just six of the 29 members meet this threshold.  The U.S. contributes 3.6% followed by Greece at 2.3%, the U.K at 2.1%, Estonia at 2.1%, Romania at 2% and Poland also at 2%.  Should the U.S. cut back their contribution to 2% of its GDP?  How important is NATO to keeping peace in Europe?


2.      Papa John's founder John Schnatter is being accused of using the n-word.  Forbes is reporting Schnatter was on a call with a marketing agency when he tried to downplay comments he made about the National Football League and allegedly said Colonel Sanders called blacks the n-word and nothing happened. Schnatter faced criticism last November about statements he made about the NFL that ultimately caused the league to remove Papa John's as an official sponsor.  Papa John’s released a statement that said, "Papa John’s condemns racism and any insensitive language, no matter the situation or setting.” Is this the beginning of the end for Papa John’s founder John Schnatter?


3.      It’s Croatia vs. France in the World Cup championship game.  Who are you rooting for?


4.      Kylie Jenner made the cover of Forbes Magazine for their annual list of America’s most successful women entrepreneurs coming in at #27.  Jenner, 21-years-old, owns 100% of Kylie Cosmetics which she founded in 2016.  The company has earned more than $630 million in revenue and she’s now worth $900 million.  Jenner said “Social media is an amazing platform.  I have such easy access to my fans and customers”.  She has more than 25.6 million Twitter followers.   Topping the Forbes list is Diane Hendricks, cofounder and chairman of ABC Supply, the nation’s largest roofing distributor.  She’s worth $4.9 billion.  Can you believe that Kylie Jenner has amassed such a fortune in a few short years at such a young age?


5.      President Trump says the pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, will be rolling back price hikes so American patients don't pay more on prescription drugs. Trump tweeted that he and Health Secretary Alex Azar discussed the issue Tuesday with Pfizer CEO Ian Read.  Pfizer says they will defer the company's price increases that were effective on July 1 to give the president an opportunity to work on his blueprint to strengthen the healthcare system.  Are the costs of prescription medicines too high?


6.      Tens of thousands fill arenas and stadiums across America to hear from Joel and Victoria Osteen and Quicken Loans Arena announced they will be in Cleveland on Friday, October 12th to hold a “A Night of Hope”.   Osteen’s televised sermons are now seen by more than 7 million people weekly.  Have you followed Joel Osteen’s career?  Can you compare him to Billy Graham?


7.      Katy P, the cat who was injured by a firecracker placed in her rectum is doing well.  The Humane Society of Richland County took in Katy P and she was taken to the Phillips Animal Hospital in Mansfield for emergency surgery earlier this week.  Katy P is an outdoor cat that lived near an apartment complex and several residents she they often fed her and was always very friendly.  The humane society is seeking information on who deliberately injured the cat.  What should happen to the person or people responsible for the violent act against Katy P?


8.      A man in California was captured on video of swinging his 1-year-old son like a baseball bat to hit his girlfriend during an argument. Twenty-seven year old Danny Lim was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment with great bodily injury. According to police, Lim admitted to the act and realizes that he would probably be going to jail for what he did.  What should happen to Lim?


9.    Scientists have discovered the world’s oldest color to be pink after researchers discovered ancient pink pigments in 1.1-billion-year-old rocks. The discovery was made deep beneath the Sahara Desert in West Africa, making them the oldest colors in the geological record.  Who knew pink would be the world’s oldest color? Do real men wear pink?


10.   Tesla has announced plans to build a plant in China and they expect to build 500,000 vehicles a year there.  A Tesla spokesperson, they expect construction to begin in the near future after the company gets all the necessary approvals and permits.  Could China become Tesla's biggest and most lucrative market?

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