FRIDAY 6-29-18

1.  There was an active shooter in the Capital Gazette newsroom which led to multiple fatalities in Annapolis, Maryland on Thursday.  What are your thoughts on what happened?


2.      Larissa Rodriguez, 34, was sentenced to 25-years in prison on Thursday for the murder of her young son, Jordan Rodriguez.  The boy's body was found behind a house on West 80th street back on December 19th, and reportedly showed signs of abuse and broken ribs.  Rodriguez accepted a plea deal and did not go on trial.  What do you think of the sentence?


3.      Oregon State star pitcher Luke Heimlich helped lead his team to the College World Series but he went undrafted in the Major League Baseball draft.  In 2012, when he was 16-years-old, he pled guilty to one felony molestation charge but since then he has completed terms of his plea deal and is no longer registered as a sex offender.  Heimlich had a college career record of 34-7.  Do you think teams overlooked him because of his past? 


4.      This week marks the 15th anniversary of the National Do Not Call Registry opening for business. More than 10-million phone numbers were registered within the first four days. The Registry is still around and so are robocalls.  Can anything be done to stop unwanted solicitation?  How often do you get robo called?


5.      The Center for Disease Control says that about a quarter of all adults in the U.S. get the recommended amount of exercise. According to new stats, 22.9% of people get at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity each week plus some muscle-strengthening activities.  Do you do any cardio?


6.      President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet following the meeting of NATO in Helsinki, Finland on July 16th. The summit had been in the works for several weeks and was finalized by National security Advisor John Bolton during a meeting with Putin in Moscow this week.  Do you think the summit can lead to a cease fire in Syria?  Will Russia pull out of Syria?


7.       A group of retired law enforcement and military officers along with a TV producer Thomas Colbert have been investigating the infamous skyjacker D.B. Cooper who parachuted from a Northwest Orient flight in 1971 with $200,000 in cash.  They have concluded that Cooper was really a paratrooper and Vietnam Vet named Robert Rackstraw.  The investigators believe they broke a code in a letter to The Oregonian newspaper in 1972.  Do you think D.B. Cooper was a fictitious character?  Does it make sense that a former Vietnam paratrooper could have been Cooper?


8.      According to Metro, Facebook has applied for a patent for software that will allow smartphones to automatically begin recording.  Facebook could embed high-pitched audio signals in broadcast content that could be picked up by smartphones, triggering them into recording and sending the audio back to Facebook. Facebook says it has no intention of ever implementing the technology described in the patent.  Do you people should trust Facebook?


9.      A proposed bill in Ohio would require teachers to out transgender children.  House Bill 658 requires any government agent (which includes teachers) to  immediately report to all parents or guardians if a child "demonstrates a desire to be treated in a manner opposite the child's biological sex"  The bill would also prohibit courts from making custody decisions based on a parent's refusal to let a child undergo gender-based medical treatment.   Should teachers be caught up in the middle between students and parents?


10.   The suicide rate among farmers is higher than ever and financial problems are the big issue according to agricultural expert Chris Hurt. He describes the problem in the most simple terms by saying that farmers are trying to live today with the income they were making 15 years ago. Issues with gaining access to affordable health care is also viewed as an issue as well. The suicide rate in the field of farming, fishing and forestry is 84.5 per 100,000 people—more than five times that of the population as a whole.  Do the statistics surprise you?

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