1.       The United States Supreme Court has upheld the third-iteration of President Trump's travel ban against majority-Muslim countries.  In a 5-4 decision, the highest court in the land ruled that the President's ban was constitutional. The court found that Trump's immigration restriction fell "squarely" within the president's authority and rejected claims that the ban was motivated by religious hostility.  Is the United States safer today that it was on 9/11?


2.      Tyler Hilinski, a Washington State football player who committed suicide in January had CTE.  The parents of the 21-year-old quarterback said the Mayo Clinic did an autopsy on their son’s brain and it had extensive brain damage.  Hilinski was found dead in his apartment with a gunshot wound and suicide note.  Do you think there is a direct link between suicide and CTE?


3.      The countdown is on.  LeBrons James can either opt and became a free agent or take his one year player option for about $35 million on Friday.  Will he stay or go?


4.      ESPN The Magazine released photos from their 10th annual Body Issue which hits newsstands later this week.  The annual edition of the sporting magazine features photos of well-known athletes posing nude.  Some of the athletes in the issue include Adam Rippon, an Olympic figure skater and the first openly gay United States male athlete to win a medal in a Winter Olympics, Hall of Fame football player Jerry Rice, NFL rookie Saquon Barkley, Los Angeles Dodgers star Yaseil Puig and all-time NCAA home run leader Lauren Chamberlain.  Have you seen any of the photos?  Are you curious to see the what the athletes look like naked?


5.      Thursday's Full Moon is known as the Strawberry Moon and it will hit full phase shortly after midnight on the 28th, and as a bonus, Saturn will appear just below it. According to NASA, the Strawberry Moon gets its name due to the "relatively short season for harvesting strawberries in northeastern North America." On the Saturn front, the best time to spot the ringed planet is around midnight, and it will appear in the sky for the next several months.  Are you a moon gazer?


6.      Tom Guild, who bills himself as a progressive Democrat vying for Oklahoma’s 5th congressional district seat, says he messed up and is sorry. He was caught snagging his opponent’s campaign signs from a street corner just ahead of the state’s primary election taking place today. Is it anything goes in politics?


7.      The suicide rate among farmers is higher than ever and financial problems are the big issue according to agricultural expert Chris Hurt. He describes the problem in the most simple terms by saying that farmers are trying to live today with the income they were making 15 years ago. Issues with gaining access to affordable health care is also viewed as an issue as well. The suicide rate in the field of farming, fishing and forestry is 84.5 per 100,000 people—more than five times that of the population as a whole.  Do the statistics surprise you?


8.      It appears that Meghan Markle has been given a do not eat list that came from Queen Elizabeth. Under no circumstances is she allowed to eat garlic in public or while away from home. The Queen hates garlic and the Royal Family has a tradition of never eating it because of the bad breath it creates. Markle was also reportedly taught how to drink tea the proper way. Do you eat garlic?


9.      President Donald Trump is expected to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in mid-July. While sources say the plans haven't been finalized, the meeting could take place before the July 11 NATO summit in Belgium or after Trump visits the United Kingdom on July 13.  The White House isn't commenting on the story but a potential meeting between the two leaders has been in the works for several weeks now.  What should be the top item on the agenda for Trump when he sits face-to-face with Putin?


10.   Koko, the gorilla famous for knowing sign language, has passed away. The gorilla reportedly knew how to say 1,000 words in sign language and could understand 2,000 spoken English words.  Koko was born in 1971 and passed away at the age of 46, which is about average for gorillas.  Do you think one day humans will be able to communicate more with animals?

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