MONDAY 6-25-18

1.      Four people have now been arrested in the death of 9-year-old Saniyah Nicholson who was shot in the head during gun cross fire on Cleveland’s east side last week.  A vigil was held on Friday which the Mike Trivisonno show carried live but Mayor Jackson nor any other city representatives were in attendance.  Should they have been?


2.      For the first time women in Saudi Arabia were legally allowed behind the wheel of car over the weekend, an historic moment. Women drivers blasted their horns, cranked up the radio and even police officers handed out roses to women drivers.  One woman driver said she felt “free as a bird”.  Can you compare this to the U.S. suffrage movement back in 1920?


3.      The latest Time magazine cover has a red backdrop with the image of a crying immigrant child juxtaposed next to President Trump. The picture shows the President looking down at the child alongside the words, "Welcome to America."  But the father of the Honduran toddler says his daughter was not separated from her mother at the U.S. border.  Is this fake news?  Have you seen it yet?  What's your reaction? 


4.  James Corden did a carpool karaoke with Paul McCartney of the Beatles.  They sang “Drive My Car” as they drove around Liverpool.  What living arrest would you like to do carpool karaoke with?


5.      A Kansas City couple could be looking at a big expense after their son accidentally knocked over a pricy sculpture on display at a community center. Surveillance video captured the 5-year-old hugging the sculpture. Moments later, the sculpture falls on the boy and hits the ground causing over $130,000 worth of damage. Should the parents have to pay for the damage?


6.      The Supreme Court has made another important ruling as it comes closer to the end of its session. The highest court in the land imposed limits on the ability of police to obtain cellphone data pinpointing the past location of criminal suspects. The ruling is seen as a major victory for digital privacy advocates and a setback for law enforcement authorities. Conservative Justice John Roberts sided with the liberal wing of the court in the 5-4 ruling that said police generally need a court-approved warrant to get access to the data, setting a higher legal hurdle than previously existed under federal law.  What do you think of the ruling?


7.      WikiLeaks says it published ICE employees’ LinkedIn profiles, identifying more than 9,000 supposed current and former U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees. The data package contains the employees’ publicly available personal information and job history scraped from LinkedIn. According to WikiLeaks, this information is important for “increasing accountability”.  How do you feel about their information being leaked by WikiLeaks?


8.      President Donald Trump is expected to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in mid-July. While sources say the plans haven't been finalized, the meeting could take place before the July 11 NATO summit in Belgium or after Trump visits the United Kingdom on July 13.  The White House isn't commenting on the story but a potential meeting between the two leaders has been in the works for several weeks now.  What should be the top item on the agenda for Trump when he sits face-to-face with Putin?


9.      Koko, the gorilla famous for knowing sign language, has passed away. The gorilla reportedly knew how to say 1,000 words in sign language and could understand 2,000 spoken English words.  Koko was born in 1971 and passed away at the age of 46, which is about average for gorillas.  Do you think one day humans will be able to communicate more with animals?


10.   White people are dying faster than they are being born in a majority of states. New statistics from the Census Bureau predict that at current rates, whites will fall to less than 50% of the population around 2045 as minority populations are growing faster.  The average age for white Americans is 43.5 compared to just over 29 for Hispanic Americans.  What do you think about the census stats?

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