FRIDAY 6-22-18

1.      A mysterious cold case has been cracked and the true identity of Joseph Newton Chandler III was determined using DNA from his son.  Nearly 16 years ago, Chandler an Eastlake resident, committed suicide at his home.   Chandler lived in the Cleveland area since 1978 and worked at a major Cleveland company until the time of his death. He left nearly $82,000 in his bank account with no next of kin listed. When authorities attempted to locate a next of kin, they discovered that the real Joseph Newton Chandler III was an 8 year-old boy who died in a traffic accident in Texas in December of 1945, along with both his parents.  U.S. Marshal Pete Elliot said, “The first part of this mystery - identifying Chandler– has been solved, but now we need the public’s help to determine the why.  There has to be a reason he assumed the name of a deceased 8 year old boy and went into hiding for so many years.  There has to be a reason he never again contacted his family; a reason he left $82,000 in a bank account without leaving it to his son; a reason he never wanted to be found throughout his lifetime and even into his death. Someone out there in the public may hold the key as to why.” What do you think he was hiding?


2.      Saniyah Nicholson, a 9-year-old girl Maple Heights girl, was shot in the head and killed Wednesday night as two groups of suspects shot at each other on Cleveland’s east side.  Nicholson and her older sister were just sitting in a parked car when one group of shooters in a passing car opened fire with others walking on foot.  A $10,000 reward is being offered.  Do you think anyone will turn the suspects in?


3.      The FBI says most shooters got their guns legally.  A FBI released a report examines active shooter incidents from 2000 to 2013 and says that 75% of active shooter incidents reviewed by the FBI legally owned the gun they used in the attack and they did not have diagnosed mental health issues.  Do the results of the study surprise you?


4.      The Supreme Court ruled that individual states can require tax collection on digital sales. Thursday's decision overturns a 1992 ruling which limited tax collection by retailers for online sales, regardless of the state where a shopper lives or if the company has a physical presence in that state.  Is it only far that on-line shoppers pay their fair share?


5.      President Donald Trump is expected to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in mid-July. While sources say the plans haven't been finalized, the meeting could take place before the July 11 NATO summit in Belgium or after Trump visits the United Kingdom on July 13.  The White House isn't commenting on the story but a potential meeting between the two leaders has been in the works for several weeks now.  What should be the top item on the agenda for Trump when he sits face-to-face with Putin?


6.      Koko, the gorilla famous for knowing sign language, has passed away. The gorilla reportedly knew how to say 1,000 words in sign language and could understand 2,000 spoken English words.  Koko was born in 1971 and passed away at the age of 46, which is about average for gorillas.  Do you think one day humans will be able to communicate more with animals?


7.      White people are dying faster than they are being born in a majority of states. New statistics from the Census Bureau predict that at current rates, whites will fall to less than 50% of the population around 2045 as minority populations are growing faster.  The average age for white Americans is 43.5 compared to just over 29 for Hispanic Americans.  What do you think about the census stats?


8.      A Kansas City couple could be looking at a big expense after their son accidentally knocked over a pricy sculpture on display at a community center. Surveillance video captured the 5-year-old hugging the sculpture. Moments later, the sculpture falls on the boy and hits the ground causing over $130,000 worth of damage. Should the parents have to pay for the damage?


9.      The Centers for Disease Control reports just under 14% of Americans smoked last year, the lowest level ever recorded. In cities, the rate was 11% while it's twice that in rural areas, however, 50 years ago more than 40% of Americans were smokers.  Do you think millennials help bring down the number of smokers?


10.  New research says smoking marijuana affects sexual desire in a positive way. A recent study found that men and women who used marijuana daily had about 20% more sex.  While the researchers aren't sure why, a sex therapist believes it's because pot users put less pressure on themselves, leading to better communication between partners.  Is this a good reason to smoke pot?

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