1.      The immigration issue is heating up with about 2,000 illegal immigration children being taken from their parents and placed in wire cage holding cells near the Mexico border. What do think will be the outcome in this political dispute?   Is the law the law or could it be bent? 


2.      A new poll conducted by CBS News shows that 67% of Americans call it unacceptable to separate children from parents who've been caught trying to enter the U.S. illegally.  90% of Democrats and 66% of independents find it unacceptable, while Republicans are more divided overall, with 39% calling it unacceptable.  Should kids be separated from their parents if they enter the country illegally?


3.      A Kansas City couple could be looking at a big expense after their son accidentally knocked over a pricy sculpture on display at a community center. Surveillance video captured the 5-year-old hugging the sculpture. Moments later, the sculpture falls on the boy and hits the ground causing over $130,000 worth of damage. Should the parents have to pay for the damage?


4.      The Centers for Disease Control reports just under 14% of Americans smoked last year, the lowest level ever recorded. In cities, the rate was 11% while it's twice that in rural areas, however, 50 years ago more than 40% of Americans were smokers.  Do you think millennials help bring down the number of smokers?


5.   New research says smoking marijuana affects sexual desire in a positive way. A recent study found that men and women who used marijuana daily had about 20% more sex.  While the researchers aren't sure why, a sex therapist believes it's because pot users put less pressure on themselves, leading to better communication between partners.  Is this a good reason to smoke pot?


6.      Google is training machines to predict when a patient will die.  Google has a new algorithm that can quickly sift through thousands of digital documents in a patient's health record to find important information.  In some cases, this information may give insight into when the patient may die in addition to a host of other patient outcomes. Would you want to know when you are going to die?


7.      Microsoft has placed a massive computer data center on the bottom of the North Sea off the coast of Scotland.  The deployment is the second phase of Project Natick, which Microsoft says could herald a new wave of data centers that can be deployed rapidly and inexpensively. One of the biggest advantages of placing the data center underwater is the lower energy cost to cool the servers.  Tidal turbines and wave energy converters will generate the electricity for the data center.  How would you feel having your data at the bottom of the sea? Who’s going to service it if something goes wrong?


8.      The Secret Service says someone climbed over a security barrier on the south side of the White House complex and dropped a backpack. Secret Service officers grabbed the suspect immediately and took him into custody and said the backpack was deemed safe but would not describe its contents.  What should happen to the fence jumper?


9.      A proposed bill in Ohio would require school buses to have seat belts.  The National Transportation Safety Board now recommends seatbelts be installed in all new school buses and eight states already make kids buckle up.  Why do buses not come equipped with seat belts even on public transportation buses?  Is the bill a no brainer?


10.   McDonald’s is switching to paper straws in the U.K. and Ireland and they will test an alternative to plastic straws at some U.S. locations later this year.  Is the switch from plastic to paper much do to about nothing?

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