MONDAY 5-21-18

1.      Yet another school shooting, this time in Sante Fe, Texas last Friday which left ten dead.  The shooter, 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis was taken into custody and had at least three weapons on him when he was arrested; a shotgun, an assault style rifle and a pistol.  Police also found explosives both in the school and on the campus.  What are your thoughts on the latest shooting and what if anything can be done about these assaults?


2.      The victims in Sante Fe are Sabika Sheikh, a Pakistani foreign exchange student; Ann Perkins, a substitute teacher; student Angelique Ramirez; student Shana Fisher, the shooter made repeated advances toward her and she always told him no; student Kim Vaughan; junior Chris Stone who tried to block the door to the art room but the suspect shot through the door; teacher Cynthia Tisdale; 15-year-old Riley Garcia, student Jared Black and 15-year-old Kyle McLeod. Do you think the suspect has a motive?


3.      The Cavs  blew out the Celtics in game three of the Eastern Conference Finals Saturday night 116-86 with game four tonight at The Q.  Do you have a renewed faith in whatever it takes?


4.      Justify will look to become the 13th horse in history and the first since American Pharoah in 2015 to win the Triple Crown after winning the Preakness on Saturday.  Next up for Justify is the Belmont Stakes in Elmont, New York on June 9th.  Is it Triple Crown time?


5.      After the Royal Wedding reception, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex left Windsor Castle in a blue convertible E-Type Jaguar Zero electric concept car with a license plate bore the date of their wedding. It was originally designed and manufactured fifty years ago in 1968 but restored and converted at Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works in Coventry.  The zero in the name means zero emissions.  Does the Jag change your perception about electric cars?


6.      The House failed to pass the farm bill by a vote of 213 to 198.   Food stamp changes in the bill would have required adults to spend 20 hours per week either working or participating in a state-run training program as a condition to receive benefits.  Should there be work requirements for those seeking benefits?


7.      Bloomberg is reporting that the Pentagon is poised to spend almost $1 billion for a range of robots designed to complement combat troops over the next few years. The robots are expected to carry out duties such as explosives disposal, sniff out hazardous chemicals, perform complex reconnaissance and even carry a soldier’s gear.  Do you think we will one day see a robot war?


8.      A new survey finds that 25% of children six years-old and under have their own mobile device spending as much as 21 hours a week on their devices; 20% of parents say they did it to keep their kids entertained and 80% say they don’t limit the amount of usage.  Is six years-old too young for kids to have their own mobile device such as an iPad?


9.      A new survey of two-thousand Americans found that 16% would have sex with a robot frequently if they could and the survey says they would be willing to pay nearly than $1,700 for a sex robot.  How soon do you think it will be until we have artificial intelligent sex robots? Do you foresee them becoming main stream?


10.   The “Fearless Girl” statue in New York City is getting a new home outside the New York Stock Exchange facing the building.  The art work was installed last year by a Boston based firm to encourage more companies to put women on their boards.  It is symbolic that she will be facing down the New York Stock Exchange?  Have you seen or heard about the “Fearless Girl”?

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