THURSDAY 5-17-18

1.      Michigan State has agreed to a $500 million settlement for 300 victims of the disgraced USA Gymnastics and Michigan State trainer. The payout from Michigan State is believed to be the largest settlement ever in a sexual misconduct case involving a university. Michigan State's agreement has $425 million being distributed to claimants who are currently part of the lawsuits; an average of more than $14 million per person.  The remaining $75 million will be held in reserve for two years in the event that others come forward and make claims about Nassar's abuse.  Who ultimately pays the $500 million and is $14 million per person on average enough of a settlement?


2.      First, it was the U.S. Congress, now it'll be the European Parliament for Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook CEO has agreed to meet senior members of parliament in Brussels as early as next week to discuss Facebook's use of personal data.  Facebook has said Cambridge Analytica had access to information on about 87 million users without their knowledge and according to the European Commission around 2.7 million of those users were European residents.  Do you think when he was a student at Harvard, Zuckerberg ever thought he would one day be grilled by two of the most powerful governments in the world?


3.      Police in Wisconsin say the senior prank at Cumberland High School was one of the best they have ever seen.  The police even posted images on their Facebook page of the stunt that shows a "crashed" a car into the high school complete with yellow police tape and bricks strewn all over the place.  The very realistic looking stunt did not damage school property.  What’s the best senior prank you have come across? 


4.  Social media users are having a big debate over this computerized voice that has some people hearing the word “Yanny” and others hearing the word “Laurel”.  Here’s the audio clip:           The recording went viral after first surfacing on Reddit and then Twitter.  What word do you hear?   Yanny or Laurel?


5.       A 13-year-old Cleveland boy was pistol whipped near his house on W. 38th and Denison around 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning.   Police say the suspects knocked him to ground, hit him in the head with a gun, punched him repeatedly and tied him up with an extension cord.   No arrests have been made but his mother has been charged with a curfew violation.  Can anything good happen being out at 4:30 a.m.?


6.      The school resource officer that was criticized for standing outside the school while kids got shot inside is receiving more than $8,700 a month in state pension and local officials say that there are no charges or circumstances that would affect him from getting the money.  Peterson maintains that he thought the shots emanated from outside of the school, near the football field, and he responded in accordance with his training.  Meanwhile, the father of Meadow Pollack, one of the students who was killed, has included Peterson in a wrongful death lawsuit filed last month.  Does Peterson deserve to be named in the civil suit?


7.      A new Triple A poll finds that 20% of Americans say they will buy an electric car or hybrid  when they purchase their next vehicle, up 15% from a year ago.  Reliability and range are the two most important factors though for consumers when looking to an electric or hybrid car.  Are you ready to go electric?  Would you have concerns about running out of juice?


8.      A new survey finds that 25% of children six years-old and under have their own mobile device spending as much as 21 hours a week on their devices; 20% of parents say they did it to keep their kids entertained and 80% say they don’t limit the amount of usage.  Is six years-old too young for kids to have their own mobile device such as an iPad?


9.      A new survey of two-thousand Americans found that 16% would have sex with a robot frequently if they could and the survey says they would be willing to pay nearly than $1,700 for a sex robot.  How soon do you think it will be until we have artificial intelligent sex robots? Do you foresee them becoming main stream?


10.   The “Fearless Girl” statue in New York City is getting a new home outside the New York Stock Exchange facing the building.  The art work was installed last year by a Boston based firm to encourage more companies to put women on their boards.  It is symbolic that she will be facing down the New York Stock Exchange?  Have you seen or heard about the “Fearless Girl”?

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