MONDAY 4-16-18

1.       President Donald Trump ordered precision airstrikes on Syria's chemical weapons systems Friday night striking three targets in alliance with France and the United Kingdom.  What are your thoughts on mission?

 2.      Meanwhile, Russia's foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, says the chemical attack in Syria was staged by what he called foreign agents. Lavrov said he had irrefutable evidence the attack was staged by one country, however, he did not name it.  Is it possible Syria was set up?

 3.      Original “Coast to Coast AM” talk show host Art Bell passed at the age of 72 over the weekend.  Bell explored the unknown including alien life, UFO’s, crop circles, life beyond death, conspiracy theories and more.  His show was heard on hundreds of stations overnight including WTAM. Was Bell a radio pioneer?

 4.      Game 1 of the Cavs-Pacers playoff series is in the books.  What are your thoughts on game 1?

 5.      It was a rockin’ good night in Cleveland on Saturday night.  Not only did Public Hall jam during the Rock Hall induction ceremonies but Rock Hall CEO Greg Harris said Key Bank was donating $10 million to the museum, the largest single donation in their history.  What are your thoughts induction ceremonies and the latest news about the Rock Hall?

 6.      President Trump has made a deal with Republican Senator Cory Gardner, promising to support states that have legalized marijuana.  Gardner has been concerned that the Department of Justice might target states that have legalized marijuana after the notoriously anti-pot Attorney General Jeff Sessions revoked an Obama-era memo to leave those states alone.  Since then, Gardner has held up about 20 DOJ nominations.  He says he'll lift those holds now that he has Trump's assurance that the DOJ "will not impact Colorado's legal marijuana industry." Do you think the U.S. will fully legalize marijuana in the next 10 years? 

 7.      Jeremy Fleming, one of Britain's intelligence chiefs, said that Great Britain conducted a "major offensive" cyber-attack against the Islamic State. Britain's Government Communications Headquarters worked with the Ministry of Defense to make "a significant contribution to coalition efforts" against the Islamic State, hindering the terrorist group's ability to coordinate attacks and suppressing its propaganda. Fleming says that much of the cyber operation disrupted the group's online activities and destroyed equipment and networks.  It is better for governments to say nothing or go public on cyber-attacks against the Islamic State?

 8.      Navy Capt. Loften Thornton was recently relieved of his duties “due to a loss of trust and confidence” after he was caught on video having sex with a woman outside a New Orleans bar last month.  Thornton had been a Navy chaplain since 1986. Does it matter what someone does on their free time if they are off duty?

 9.      Key evidence in an Australian murder trial could be a tap away, on an Apple Watch.  Myrna Nilsson was wearing the device when she was killed in 2016 and her daughter-in-law Caroline Nilsson is accused of staging an ambush, after claiming she was tied up by a group of men who entered the house.  However, the victim's smartwatch tells a different story and shows she was ambushed as she arrived home, and died hours earlier than Nilsson claims.  Does technology today make it literally harder to get away with murder?

 10.   Chick-fil-A will trail only McDonald's and Starbucks among fast food restaurants by 2020, according to food industry analysts. The average Chick-fil-A takes in $4.4 million annually while an average McDonald's brings in $2.5 million per store.  Would Chick-fil-A be a good long term investment?

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