1.      Hurricane Irma is the size of Texas.  Only three Category 5 hurricanes have hit the U.S. including Camille in 1969 and an unnamed storm in 1935.  Hurricane Irma ranks among the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded and is one of the strongest ever to hit the Atlantic. It has intensified to the point where it's beginning to show up on seismometers used to measure earthquakes.  Are you playing close attention to Irma’s track?


2.    Ohio's Republican governor is blasting President Donald Trump's decision to begin dismantling the Obama-era program protecting immigrants brought into the country illegally as children. On Wednesday's "CBS This Morning," Gov. John Kasich said "putting kids, young people who are contributors in jeopardy" isn't the American way.  He invited all 800-thousand so-called “Dreamers” to come to Ohio.   Do you want all the dreamers here?


3.      The NFL season official begins tonight and the Browns season starts on Sunday when they take on the Steelers.  How many games will the Browns win this season?


4.    A development plan for a portion of the Flats has several homeless facing eviction.  Thirty some people call IrishTown Bend along the Cuyahoga River home and now they face the prospects of being uprooted due to plans for a park and erosion control measures that will be put in place.  Greg, who has called IrishTown Bend home for six months, says he feels betrayed by plans for the development. The homeless say they must vacate the area April 4.  Some have lived along IrishTown Bend for upwards of twenty years.  How can the homeless be homeless is they are being evicted from their homes?


5.      The Q Transformation project is back on.  Cavaliers and Quicken Loans Arena CEO Len Komoroski issued the following statement: “We are excited to confirm our renewed capital commitment of over $70 million to help renovate and transform Quicken Loans Arena - a tremendous publicly-owned asset for our community.  At the same time, we’re very pleased to extend the Cavaliers lease with our landlord, Gateway Economic Development Corporation, for seven additional years at The Q until 2034. In other words, the Cavs will be a tenant at The Q in downtown Cleveland for at least the next 17 seasons.  We are very eager and enthusiastic to continue working side-by-side with our core civic partners on our shared vision and the numerous civic and community leaders and groups that have worked extremely hard to make sure this project excels and positively impacts downtown and Cleveland's neighborhoods in the full spectrum of ways that we have always believed that this well-thought out development would do. Is this a win-win?


6.      Holly Neher, 16-years-old, threw a touchdown pass on the first play of her first varsity game playing on the boys team at Hollywood Hills High School in Florida.  She played on the school’s flag football team for two years before making the varsity team.   How do you feel about a girl playing on the varsity football team?


7.      O'mei Chinese Cuisine in Santa Cruz, California has been shut down after an investigation found out the owner donated $500 to ex-KKK leader David Duke's 2016 senatorial campaign. An article in Indybay, an independent media center, exposed Northern California businesses that donated to Duke. Among those listed was Roger Grigsby, the owner of the Chinese restaurant. Grigsby was forced to close his doors after the news came out and employees and customers began to boycott. The restaurant has been open for 38 years. How do you feel about Grigsby being outed?


8.      The NFL season official begins tonight and the Browns season starts on Sunday when they take on the Steelers.  How many games will the Browns win this season?


9.      South Carolina residents Corey Payne and his fiancée, Kayla Harris are suing Amazon claiming the solar eclipse glasses they purchased on line did not prevent their vision from being harmed.  Do you think this is just the tip of the iceberg hearing about eye vision problems as a result of the eclipse?  Should Amazon be held liable?


10.   Apple is expected to reveal their new iPhones and an updated Apple Watch in less than two weeks on September 12th.   Look for updated versions of the 7 and 7 plus in addition to a new iPhone 8 which has been rumored to cost $1,000.  Do you expect people to line up to be the first to get the new iPhone 8?