1.       North Korea claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb causing an underground blast.  United States Secretary of State James Mattis is warning North Korea against further aggression.  Are we on the brink of war in Northeast Asia?  What is the end game for North Korea’s Kim Jong-un?  Is China behind all this?


2.       Members of unions representing Cleveland police officers and paramedics have said they won't hold a large U.S. flag during pregame ceremonies prior to Sunday's Cleveland Browns season opener. The groups are displeased after a group of Browns players knelt during the national anthem before a preseason game.  Should others refuse to  help the Browns hold the flag?


3.       JJ Watt has helped to do the unthinkable. A fundraising campaign that he started in the wake of Hurricane Harvey has now raised over $18 million. The Houston Texans star is being hailed as a hero for many for his efforts to get the campaign going and keep it going. The Texans defensive end began an online fundraising page last Sunday, seeking $200,000 in donations for victims of the devastating floods. There is now a movement to name State Highway 99 after him.  Watt wears #99.  Should the highway be renamed?


4.   Toni Basil, the singer of the 1982 classic hit Mickey, has filed a wide ranging lawsuit against the likes of Disney, Forever 21 and South Park. Basil is suing them over non-consensual use of her voice, image and persona. The suit claims that The Walt Disney Company didn't obtain proper consent to use the song to market a clothing line sold at Forever 21. Basil also wasn't happy about a South Park riff on the song in 2008 when the show was inspired to say; Obama, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Obama. Does the lawsuit have merit?


5.       The Browns cut quarterback Brock Osweiler on Saturday and he was quickly signed to by the Broncos to be their backup quarterback.  The Broncos will pay Osweiler the league minimum, but the Browns have to pay him more than $15 million.  What do you think about the Browns being on the hook for all that money? 


6.       San Francisco hit a high temperature of 106 degrees last Friday breaking their all-time record dating back to 143 years to 1874, before the age of automobiles.  Does the Bay area have a fever?


7.       O'mei Chinese Cuisine in Santa Cruz, California has been shut down after an investigation found out the owner donated $500 to ex-KKK leader David Duke's 2016 senatorial campaign. An article in Indybay, an independent media center, exposed Northern California businesses that donated to Duke. Among those listed was Roger Grigsby, the owner of the Chinese restaurant. Grigsby was forced to close his doors after the news came out and employees and customers began to boycott. The restaurant has been open for 38 years. How do you feel about Grigsby being outed?


8.       The NFL season official begins in two days and the Browns season starts on Sunday when they take on the Steelers.  How many games will the Browns win this season?


9.       South Carolina residents Corey Payne and his fiancée, Kayla Harris are suing Amazon claiming the solar eclipse glasses they purchased on line did not prevent their vision from being harmed.  Do you think this is just the tip of the iceberg hearing about eye vision problems as a result of the eclipse?  Should Amazon be held liable?


10.   Apple is expected to reveal their new iPhones and an updated Apple Watch in less than two weeks on September 12th.   Look for updated versions of the 7 and 7 plus in addition to a new iPhone 8 which has been rumored to cost $1,000.  Do you expect people to line up to be the first to get the new iPhone 8?