1.      More than six-thousand people have signed a petition to remove Ma’lik Richmond from the Youngstown State University football team.  Richmond was convicted in juvenile court in the 2012 rape of a 16-year-old girl in Steubenville serving less than a year in jail.  The petition, organized by Katelyn Davis, will be sent to Youngstown State University President Jim Tressel and head football coach Bo Pelini.  How would you handle the situation if you were Tressel?


2.   The star of MTV’s reality show “Siesta Key”, Alex Kompothercras, is seen on a social media video firing a hand gun into the gills of hammerhead shark.  It’s illegal to kill marine life with a gun in Florida waters but in federal waters further off shore, it’s legal.  Kompothercras deleted the video and said, “I am embarrassed and it won’t happen again”.   Animal rights activists are demanding an investigation.  Should he be charged with cruelty to animals?  Should he lose his MTV gig?


3.   Ohio House Bill 410 goes into effect this school year which means students can’t be suspended or expelled for excessive truancy until administrators develop an intervention plan with parents, teachers and school counselors over a two month period.  What are your thoughts on House Bill 410?  Should Ohio lawmakers be writing laws about truancy? Is it possible to save someone who does not want to be in school?


4.      Former President Barack Obama will be honored in Illinois for years to come. Starting next year, August 4th will become Barack Obama Day in the state, the same day as Obama's birthday. The bill was passed by both state houses and Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed it into law. "Obama Day" is more commemorative than a legal holiday where people take the day off and government offices are closed. What are your thoughts about Illinois having Barack Obama day? How should people celebrate “Obama Day”?


5.      Would you be a passenger on a plane with no pilot if it saved you some money? Most people say no. A study says 54% of people would not get on a flight that didn't have a physical pilot on board. Remote control flying is already used in the military and could be used by commercial cargo planes by 2025. The study said flyers could save 11 percent on flights that had no pilots. Would you be a passenger on a pilotless plane?


6.      Vice President Mike Pence has pushed back against a news report suggesting a possible presidential bid in 2020 if President Donald Trump does not run. In a statement released by the White House, Pence said Sunday's story in The New York Times "is disgraceful and offensive to me, my family, and our entire team." He added that "the allegations in this article are categorically false." Would Mike Pence get your vote? 


7.      Toyota and Mazda are teaming up to build a $1.6 billion car factory in the United States.  It will have the capacity to produce approximately 300,000 vehicles annually and will create up to 4,000 jobs. President Trump welcomed the announcement in a Tweet: “A great investment in American manufacturing!" The location for the facility has not yet been chosen. Do you think Ohio has a shot at landing the plant? What do you think of Toyota’s move to the U.S.? 


8.      Terry Francona and his father Tito are getting into the food business by launching Francona Pasta Sauce. A portion of each sale will go to Indians Charities and it’s for sale at Marc’s, Discount Drug Mart and Acme Fresh Market locations.  Are you a red pasta sauce or white pasta sauce kind of guy? Would you like to try the Francona pasta sauce?


9.      NASA is hiring a Planetary Protection Officer as a part of the Outer Space Treaty.  The person hired will be responsible with making sure humans don't contaminate planets and moons and also be in charge of preventing alien microbes from taking over earth. The salary ranges from $124,000 to $187,000.  Do you know any qualified candidates?  Would George Noory or Art Bell be candidates?


10.   Judge Sam Benningfield in White County, Tennessee is offering inmates a deal to get out of jail 30 days early if they agree to get sterilized.  So far, thirty-two women had a Nexplanon implant put in their arm which can prevent child birth for up to four years and thirty-eight men have signed up to get a vasectomy. What do you think of the judge’s sterilization offer to inmates?