1.      Michelle Carter, who sent texts urging her boyfriend to commit suicide through carbon monoxide poisoning, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 2 and ½ years in jail but will only have to serve 15 months in a Massachusetts prison.  The prosecutor was seeking a sentence of seven to twelve years in jail.  Is this a just sentence?  Was Carter wrongly convicted?


2.      Hersham Camel of Willoughby Hills was shot and killed trying to sell a car on the internet through the phone app Offer Up.  Camel set up a meeting last week to sell a car near Turney Road on Cleveland’s East Side when he was robbed and had his car stolen. The police are still investigating the murder.  North Randall Police have set up a safe zone for internet transactions.  Should Cleveland and other suburbs set up safe zones as well?


3.      Cowboys owner Jerry Jones threw a star-studded bash for his Hall of Fame party in Canton with Justin Timberlake performing.  The party cost an estimated $10-million.  What do you think about Jones shelling out that much money for a party?  If you could have any performer play at a party for you, who would it be?


4.      The jobs report came out Friday as the country added 209,000 jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 4.3%, the lowest in 16 years. What do you think about the latest numbers?



5.      Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis says there are reports of aggressive squirrels around the campus because students have been feeding them. The university says “Squirrels may look cute and they are fun to watch but they should not be treated as pets”.  Do you feed squirrels?  Do you like squirrels?  John Lanigan’s former co-host John Webster used to call squirrels “rats with tails”.  Do you agree or disagree?


6.      A school district in Texas has instituted a new disciplinary method, paddling. The Three Rivers Independent School District in South Texas will allow for a campus behavior coordinator or principal to deliver the punishment pending parent approval. What do you think of their new policy? Do you think it will help unruly kids get in line?


7.      Toyota and Mazda are teaming up to build a $1.6 billion car factory in the United States.  It will have the capacity to produce approximately 300,000 vehicles annually and will create up to 4,000 jobs. President Trump welcomed the announcement in a Tweet: “A great investment in American manufacturing!" The location for the facility has not yet been chosen. Do you think Ohio has a shot at landing the plant? What do you think of Toyota’s move to the U.S.? 


8.      Terry Francona and his father Tito are getting into the food business by launching Francona Pasta Sauce. A portion of each sale will go to Indians Charities and it’s for sale at Marc’s, Discount Drug Mart and Acme Fresh Market locations.  Are you a red pasta sauce or white pasta sauce kind of guy? Would you like to try the Francona pasta sauce?


9.      NASA is hiring a Planetary Protection Officer as a part of the Outer Space Treaty.  The person hired will be responsible with making sure humans don't contaminate planets and moons and also be in charge of preventing alien microbes from taking over earth. The salary ranges from $124,000 to $187,000.  Do you know any qualified candidates?  Would George Noory or Art Bell be candidates?


10.   Judge Sam Benningfield in White County, Tennessee is offering inmates a deal to get out of jail 30 days early if they agree to get sterilized.  So far, thirty-two women had a Nexplanon implant put in their arm which can prevent child birth for up to four years and thirty-eight men have signed up to get a vasectomy. What do you think of the judge’s sterilization offer to inmates?