1.      White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has offered his resignation just ten days after he was appointed by President Donald Trump.  Did his recent rant about co-workers cost him his job?


2.      This week marks 42 years since Jimmy Hoffa disappeared from a Bloomfield Hills restaurant. Since that day, hundreds of thousands of man hours and millions of dollars have gone into sorting through countless tips while trying to crack the case of Hoffa’s disappearance. Officially, this remains a missing person’s case and the investigation remains open, still active. Do you believe we will ever know what happened to Jimmy Hoffa?


3.      One of the most controversial fans in the history of sports is going to receive a World Series ring. The Cubs have decided to give a 2016 World Series ring to Steve Bartman who  reached out and deflected a foul ball along the left-field wall during Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS.  Does Bartman deserve a ring?


4.      The world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge just opened in the Swiss Alps. It's 1,620 feet long , 300 feet high across a ravine and the walking surface is a grate. Do you have a fear of heights?  Would you walk across the bridge?


5.      NFL training camps are underway but two QBs, Colin Kaepernick and Johnny Manziel, are not signed and still sitting at home, while other QBs are in camps across the country.  Reports were out there that the Seahawks and Jets entertained signing Kaepernick , while Johnny said the Saints had interest in him.  Will either of these guys be playing football in the NFL this year? Is Kaepernick being blackballed by owners because of his protests last year?


6.      During his re-election bid, Senator John McCain campaigned to repeal and replace Obamacare and to have a wall built along the border. Last week, he killed the  GOP’s Obamacare legislation.  Is the war hero a flip-flopper?


7.      Police in Arizona say two babies died after they were left in hot cars over the weekend.  Phoenix Police say a one-year-old boy died Saturday after he was left in a car for hours.  Witnesses saw the boy in the car in a church parking lot and called police.  A police spokeswoman says the baby's father forgot the child was in the car.  A seven-month-old baby boy died Friday afternoon when his aunt and her boyfriend left him in a car for about four hours.  Should people who leave their children in hot cars be prosecuted? 


8.      An Warren business owner says she can’t fill jobs because a large number of the people who apply can’t pass a drug test.  Regina Mitchell says 4 in 10 people who are qualified welders, machinists and crane operators are turned away from Warren Fabricating and Machining.  Mitchell says she has a responsibility to her customers to build quality products, and a responsibility to her employees to provide a safe working environment. Should all employees be drug tested?  What about CEOs?


9.      A San Francisco woman is raising eyebrows by panhandling with her 6 week old baby. Police and human service workers have repeatedly checked in and responded to calls about 34-year-old Megan Doudney and her baby, who have a room at a family shelter where she has a bed, three meals a day and access to parenting classes. Should Doudney be able to panhandle with her baby?



10.   Judge Sam Benningfield in White County, Tennessee is offering inmates a deal to get out of jail 30 days early if they agree to get sterilized.  So far, thirty-two women had a Nexplanon implant put in their arm which can prevent child birth for up to four years and thirty-eight men have signed up to get a vasectomy. What do you think of the judge’s sterilization offer to inmates?