The Spew 5-18-17

1.      Game  1 of the Eastern Conference Finals is in the books between the Cavs and  the Celtics.  What are your thoughts about the game?


2.      A  group of Barberton High School teens will receive extra credit for  being pepper sprayed in the face as part of a criminal science  technology class.  The school system said the student's parents had to  sign waivers, and a former police chief administered the pepper spray.   The students lined up outside and were sprayed in the face one-by-one;  some doubled over and started screaming, and at least one ended up on  the ground.  The video which you can see at was also featured  on the Today show, and viewed over 150,000 times.  What do you think  about the kids getting extra credit for being pepper sprayed? Will it  deter them for doing something stupid in the feature? Would you  volunteer to get peppered sprayed?


3.        Speaking to graduates at the United State Coast Guard Academy in New  London, Connecticut; President Trump said “No politician in history, and  I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly.  Adversity makes you stronger”.   Has President Trump been given a fair  chance by the media?


4.        Katy Perry will be a judge on the new “American Idol” which will air on  ABC-TV.  ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey said, “We are  thrilled to be ushering in this new era of American Idol with Katy  leading the charge. Her incredible accolades speak for themselves.”   Will Katy Perry be a tune in factor on the new American Idol?


5.      Two  Wisconsin teen-agers equipped with no safety equipment and Go Pro  cameras were able to breech security and climb the Golden Gate Bridge.   They did flips and hung over the highway by their fingertips as part of  their stunt.  One teen said, “It was such a surreal experience.  One of  the awesomest ones of my life”.   The general manager of the Golden Gate  Bridge and Homeland Security were not aware of the stunt until it was  posted on You Tube weeks later.  How could security be breached on one  of the most famous bridges in America? What if anything should be done  to the teens?  What would you do if you were their parents?  High five  them or punish them?


6.      Oberlin could become the first city in the state of Ohio to recognize Indigenous People Day instead of Columbus Day on October 9th.  City Council members indicated they will support the measure citing the  city’s rich history of human rights.  Could other cities follow  Oberlin’s lead?


7.      A  German shepherd killed a Chihuahua in Elyria.  Tim Bascue, owner of the  German shepherd was charged with having his dog at large and not having  his dog registered. His dog went into his neighbors back yard and was  seen running away with the Chihuahua in its mouth. Bascue claims his dog  either opened up the gate or jumped over the fence to snag the little  dog.  He’s scheduled to appear in court next week.  What would be a just  sentence for the owner of the German shepherd. Should he have to buy  his neighbor a new dog? Can the two neighbors continue to co-exist next  to each other?


8.      M.C.  Allen of Massillon won $300,000 in an Ohio Lottery instant game scratch  off ticket.  After taxes, he will receive a $213,000 lump sum payment.  Do you know anyone who ever won a lottery?


9.      More  than 25% of millennials in college say they plan on moving back home  after they graduate to save money in order to pay pack their student  loans.  The average graduate owes more than $10,000 after graduating.   What if anything can be done about student debt?


10.   President Trump begins his trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Vatican City and Belgium this week. His agenda  includes meeting Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abd Al-Aziz, Israeli  President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,  Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Pope Francis at the  Vatican, and Italian President Sergio Mattarella in Rome.  What do you  think of the President’s trip? 

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