TUESDAY 2-21-17

1.      The estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim John Un, Kim Jong Nam, was allegedly attacked at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and assassinated with a fact action poison. A North Korean man, a Vietnamese and a Malaysian man have been arrested in connection with his death. Police are searching for four more North Korean men. Do you think Kim John Un hired a hit on his own half-brother?


2.      An elementary teacher in the state of Washington was placed on administrative leave after she posted a Facebook message which provided information on how to report illegal aliens to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Her post said, ““They will need to know names, locations (either work place or residence) and any other specific information you can provide. If this offended you in anyway do me a favor and unfriend my American ass!!!” The school district called the post angry and concerning. Did the school district make the right decision? Does she deserve to be placed on leave?


3.      The average college graduate owes more than $30,000 according to reports. Students often can't fathom the ramifications of their debt and may borrow too much or put off paying it back. Some students are not turning to friends, family and others to help them cover the costs through the GoFundMe service. Over 1,212 results for "college tuition" on GoFundMe.com. A Solon woman raised $1,745 in March 2015 to take summer courses at CSU. Is this an innovative way to help cover tuition costs or a sign that those costs have become prohibitively high for most students in the country?


4.      Councilman Zack Reed told WTAM News not only have the feds given the Regional Transit Authority an extension of the $12 million dollar deadline, but RTA began test runs through Public Square. The Federal Transit Administration is granting RTA until March 7th to reopen Superior Avenue to buses traffic through Public Square. FTA demanded a $12 million penalty because the square was closed to public transit, claiming the detour breached a contract RTA signed to receive federal funds. Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson cited security concerns for the closing. Is Mayor Jackson the big loser in the battle over buses rolling through Public Square?


5.      Vice President Mike Pence on a visit to the European Union in  Brussels stood before an American flag that had 51 stars instead of 50. The Brussels version of the flag had three rows of nine stars and three rows with eight stars each. American flags typically feature a total of nine alternating rows of five or six stars. There was no comment from the European Union Council on the flag faux pas? Would you have noticed the mistake?  Do you know anyone who actually counts the starts on the U.S. flag?


6.     Madonna has adopted four year-old twins from the East Africa country of Malawi. The father of the children, Adam Mwale said he was misled believing their move to United States would not be permanent and he’s in disbelief that his daughters will be gone forever.  What do you think of Madonna adopting the twin girls from Africa. Is she living in a material world?


7.      The final score of the NBA All-Star game Sunday night was 192-182 with the West beating the East. Former NBA great Reggie Miller said, “What we saw was a video game, all scoring and no defense.  It’s an absolute jock and mockery of the game”.  Did the 2017 All-Stars make a mockery of the game?


8.      American Doll collectors are up in arms over the company’s decision to have underwear sewn into the bodies of the popular dolls. Undergarments for American Dolls used to be sold separately like other parts of clothing and accessories. One mother said on Facebook that “girls 8 to 12 can keep track of their doll’s panties”. An American Doll spokesman said the new underwear design “shouldn’t hamper a girl’s ability to create limitless play opportunities”.  Did American Doll make the right decision?


9.       French “Vogue” magazine will feature a transgender model, Valentina Sampaio, on the cover of the March issue, the first time in the magazine’s 97-year history they have featured a transgender on the cover.  She’s featured in a shimmering gown, bathed in blue and purple light over the words “Transgender Beauty.” Have you seen the cover? How does Valentina look?


10.   Starbucks has improved their parental leave policy.  New mothers will now receive six weeks of paid leave at 100-percent of their salary, they used to offer six weeks paid maternity at 67% of their average salary.  Fathers, members of same-sex couples and adoptive parents will also be eligible for up to 12 weeks unpaid leave.  Should men have equal rights as women when it comes to paid maternity leave?  What do you  think about Starbucks upping the ante?

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