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If the Prime Minister of Finland Wants to Party, Let Her

BUCK: I did want to take a moment to just give a little hat tip to the prime minister of Finland, who is once again in the headlines. And a lot of the ladies right now are like, wait. What? For guys listening to this who have been looking at the news today are saying, “Ph, yeah. The prime minister of Finland. Out partying, apparently.” Clay, we are not a puritanical world anymore. I think if a prime minister wants to go out, have a little dance party, if she’s like 30 and the prime minister, she should be allowed to.

CLAY: I feel like we need a hottest leader of all-time rankings. The prime minister of Finland, what is her name? Do we know?

BUCK: Sure. I’ll look it up.

CLAY: She is good-looking even for a normal person, right? Like, there’s politician good-looking —

BUCK: Not political hot? Is that what you’re saying?

CLAY: I would say you and I are —

BUCK: Sanna Marin.

CLAY: Sanna Marin. I would say you and I are radio show host good-looking, right? Like —

BUCK: I’ll take it.

CLAY: There’s a lot of dudes who do — and women — who did radio, and they do radio for a reason. Like, I used to say back in the day when I did sports, if you went into the press box, this was not a really good-looking collection of people, by and large. I’m decent looking for a sportswriter. I think I’m decent looking for a radio host. This woman is smoking hot for the leader of a country.

BUCK: The second Wayne’s World movie there’s actually a radio joke where this guy, they’re looking for the radio host named Handsome Dan, and they have some male model guy walk in, and he’s actually just doing the, “Hey,” on the radio. And then Handsome Dan walks in and they obviously — he’s like a comedian, they make him look pretty — you know, radio, we’re not generally known for our abs here. I’m just gonna say it.

CLAY: Yeah, I will say that.

BUCK: But Sanna Marin, she’s got a future in politics, probably in Hollywood, Instagram influencer. But I’m surprised in Finland. Isn’t this one of these countries where they’re like, oh, it’s all very free and, you know, footloose and fancy are?

CLAY: Well, I think initially it was because she wasn’t complying with some covid policies, right? She was out partying late, and evidently even in Finland where everybody’s super, you know, relaxed and laid back, they were upset that she was saying, you know, this covid policy doesn’t make sense. I want to go out and drink and party. And I think you could say, well, does the leader of the free world need to be out drinking and party all the time. That’s one of my favorite Trump quotes ever. He said, “I don’t drink at all. Can you imagine if I did drink?” You know, which is actually really funny.

BUCK: She’s 36 years old, the leader of Finland, which is obviously now joining NATO; so got that going for it, which is nice. And she’s been spotted clubbing in Helsinki with friends early in the America for hours, Clay, without her official phone. Just in case — I don’t know — like, the Russians invaded or something? I mean, what’s the big concern? I think she should be allowed to go out at 2 o’clock in the morning and party a little bit. Finland’s small enough where they could find her if they needed to, you know what I mean?

CLAY: I think NATO would find her. And it is interesting that they are joining NATO. And yeah, we’ll see. I’ll check my mentions, people say, why would you even mention the attractiveness of Finland’s prime minister? And I would just say, well, she is good-looking. Are we supposed to pretend this is not the story? The reason why people care, I think, really about her out partying all the time is because she’s good-looking.

BUCK: One thing that is unspoken in the world of politics in America and all over the world, at least in Democratic and free societies, being good-looking, period, is helpful in politics. Being a good-looking woman also helpful in politics. Just a fact. It’s just the truth.

CLAY: There’s all the talk, remember, Buck, over the years about privilege. There’s obsession, you know, white privilege. You got certainly we’re here in Salt Lake City.

BUCK: Hot privilege is a whole other level,

CLAY: Hot privilege is highest privilege out there. I think it’s hot privilege, number one. I think athlete privilege is number two. ‘Cause athletes can basically get away with anything if they’re good enough at their sport. Really good-looking people can get away with — they don’t even realize how much they’re getting away with. And I think it’s hot privilege, one. Then athlete privilege. And then we can argue about how the ascendancy goes from there.

BUCK: So you’re up on the politics of Finland right now, folks, which I know is very — again, I think a lot of ladies listening are like, “Why are they wasting our time with this?” But for a lot of the gentlemen listening, particularly the single ones in their thirties and forties Webster, they’re saying, “Prime minister of Finland. Respect.” So there’s that going on for us, which is nice.

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