Wheel Craft-Advanced Wheel Finishes

Wheel Craft

Your wheels should distinguish your vehicle – and you – at every turn. At Wheel Craft, we are singularly focused on providing the finest, most beautiful and most durable hand-crafted luxury wheel finishes available today. What’s more, we make this available to you through a seamless, hassle-free process that makes acquiring your custom wheel finish of choice quick and easy.

The beauty of our Wheel Craft finishes is matched by their superior performance and protection. Our proprietary Finish technology forms a protective glove around the entire wheel that provides unmatched protection from: Brake Dust Burns, Alloy Corrosion, Car Wash Chemicals, Seasonal Street Chemicals and Salt, Peeling, Pitting, and Color Separation. All backed by our exclusive 5-Year Warranty.

Wheel Craft is a 12-year old company located in Mentor, Ohio. Our company originated from the dreams of care enthusiasts to offer next-generation technology to apply a brilliant finish to your wheels that impacts the appearance of any car. After serving auto dealerships nationwide for the past 12-years, we are proud to offer our unique, custom finishes direct to consumers for the first time in our history. We welcome visitors and enjoy introducing our process for people to learn more about our unique offering.

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