Kamala Couldn’t Overcome Mayor Pete, Mini Mike, Russian Agent

RUSH:  No big surprise.  Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris, whatever) has backed out or is dropping out of the 2020 presidential race.  She was never in it.  She was never in it.  The media hyped her a little bit because of all the boxes she checks off. She's a woman, female.  Supposedly African-American, but really isn't.  She hates Trump.  No nonsense, smart, had an affair Willie Brown. She checked all the boxes.  It just never worked out.

She just wasn't able to get in there, can't overcome Mayor Pete. Where you've got people like Joe Biden talking about his blond leg hair and sucking his wife's fingers, I mean, if you're Kamala Harris, how in the world do you compete? How do you campaign against that? What do you...? (interruption) What? (interruption) You couldn't know about the Biden blond leg hair? (interruption) You haven't heard that? (interruption)

Oh, yeah, he was talking about how young people -- African-Americans -- go nuts watching his leg hair turn blond in the sun and in the swimming pool.

He says they liked to go down there and hug his legs and so forth, that they're fascinated by it.  I mean, how's Kamala Harris supposed to compete with that?  This guy's the frontrunner!  You know the next one that's gonna drop outta here -- maybe not next, but it's imminent -- is Fauxcahontas.  She's gone.  After one week, Mini Mike has already bought 6% support in the Democrat primaries.  One week!  Mayor Pete creeping up in there.  Biden's son's lawyers left him in the middle of some paternity suit trial.  It's bad news out there.

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