What In The World Have We Become? Truly This IS Madness!

The madness taking place in March should have more to do with the havoc on the hardwood than social media threats to athletes when their team loses. Yes I went "oh fer" personally yesterday as OHIO STATE was upset by ORAL ROBERTS (yup a #15 knocking off a #2) and the #15 CSU VIKINGS were not be able to channel any Oral Roberts 3's and mojo and they were steamrolled by a #2 HOUSTON squad. Any consolation for me knowing that ORAL ROBERST now has more wins against OSU than hot air harbaugh...yes now but when the game ended no and truly I was upset when I saw the opponent take advantage of poor OSU defensive schemes and switches, shots being missed that were there for the taking plus the Buckeyes not only fold again down the stretch but do it somewhat meekly AND allowing it to happen AGAIN. This time there was no escape. All you hear is "this player did this, this guy missed that shot and so on and on and on!" I will say Chris Holtmann the OSU Head Coach has escaped some of the vitriol and even though that is not my thing I will take him to task for not rectifying the team folding down the stretch, blowing leads that should be safe and even going into the Big TEN hoops "boxing ring" without a BIG when BIGS rules that league.

Still, for supposed OSU fans, to threaten to harm a student athlete or request that "he die" sadly is an extension of what is happening TOO FREQUENTLY in our country today. Where did this culture of intolerance and threats come from? PLEASE if you are OSU fans stop tainting the most loyal Alum base in the world and the phrase "How firm thy friendship." Go away or hopefully be forced to go away. Since many of these threats were placed on Twitter which truly is a conduit for hate, the right to disparage and even make fun of the handicapped, those of different races and religions (I wonder who helped push those sick agendas) there should be little trouble finding these heinous human beings. If you were drunk and make a threat, stop drinking! If you bet and lost money realize there are very few "gimmees" and stop betting and if you just hate we need to know who you are and where you live.

Please this has to stop...yes cliche as it may sound STOP THE MADNESS.