Mom Continues Feeding Six Year Old Son Breast Milk

When it comes to breastfeeding, how long to keep it up is up to each mom and baby, but one woman on Reddit is sharing her concerns that her sister has been at it for far too long with her oldest.

In a post to the “Am I the A-hole” section, she writes that her sister is “big on attachment parenting” and that her two-year-old and six-year-old both co-sleep, use pacifiers and breastfeed, but the older son gets it pumped into a bottle during the day.

The extended breastfeeding has led family gatherings to become awkward, so the extended family has asked the mom not to do it when they’re together. And the mama didn’t appreciate their input.

No one is bothered about the two-year-old, but they do have an issue with the six-year-old. The post explains that he has autism and while he can’t use a regular cup, his aunt thinks he should be transitioned to a sippy cup and not get a bottle or a boob anymore.

The family whispers about it behind the mom’s back, but when she started breastfeeding during dinner on New Year’s Day, her sister brought it up. It led to a huge, blow-out fight and the mom left furious and hasn’t spoken to them since.

Now her sister is asking Reddit if she was out of line for being honest and people have STRONG feelings about extended breastfeeding. Lots of users were outraged that a six-year-old was still breastfeeding and using a bottle, which many point out is bad for his teeth.

But others were quick to come to the mom’s defense, saying it’s not the sister’s business what she does with her own children. “The only problem is the rest of the family is feeling weird,” one user writes and another shares, “Stay out of it and work on your own problems.”

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