Just How Much Did Folks Spend Prepping For Coronavirus

Anyone who’s seen their supermarket shelves emptied of toilet paper knows folks have been spending money preparing for the coronavirus outbreak. Well, a new survey reveals just how much folks are shelling out. 

According to a Lending Tree poll:

63% of Americans purchased supplies to be prepared for the coronavirus outbreak.

On average they spent $178.44, on things like food, alcohol, medication and cleaning products.

For those with kids, the amount spent was $189.80, while those who earn over $100K spent an average of $219.90.

The most popular products purchased include:

Cleaning products (77%)

Food (69%)

Paper products (you know, toilet paper) (68%)

Water (62%)

Medication (47%)

Alcohol (24%)

Entertainment (13%)

(Photo courtesy of Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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