Vast Majority Of Americans Pleased With Their Relationships

As most people celebrated Valentine's Day Friday, a new poll finds that most Americans are actually happy in their relationships. 

Dating site eHarmony just released their “The Happiness Index: Love and Relationships in America” report, which finds:

82% of Americans say they are happy in their relationship.

Gen Z tends to be the happiest in their relationship (90%), followed by Millennials (85%) and Gen X (81%).

All three generations find it more important to be in love than to be married.

Sex is apparently a very big important part of that happiness.

86% of couples who have sex daily or weekly say they are happy, as compared to 78% of those who have it monthly and 66% who have it a few times a year.

87% of people who focus on quality time together and sex say they are happy, as compared to 69% who only focus on sex and 82% who only focus on quality time.

Other tidbits from the survey:

17% of men say they get “really angry” when their partner snubs them for their phone, while only 10% of women say the same.

63% of all couples say their relationship has had a positive impact on their mental health.

Men are more likely than women to say love is more important than being married (70% vs. 64%).

Men are also more likely than women to believe that being married would make for a happier relationship (68% vs. 46%).

(Photo courtesy of Guillaume Souvant AFP/Getty Images)

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