ESPN hired the "and boom goes the dynamite" guy to be a sideline reporter (Video via @bustedcoverage)

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I have so much to say about this. First, it seems like the second game of ESPN's Monday night doubleheader as become a trash heap of failed experiments or career achievement awards (see Chris Berman) rather than an actual professional broadcast. So first you have Beth Mowins calling the game, which was actually OK because you couldn't really hear her anyway. Then they put this guy on the sideline when he clearly had no business being there. Why? For what? What happened to protecting their employees like the Asian Robert Lee and the Virginia game? They killed this kid. And it first, it seemed like he was ok with it. But no, he wasn't.

Good start, right? Doing your job and having a little fun with the social media crowd. All good. Shaking it off. But then...

A self-important, woe is me "apology" that exposes ESPN's real purpose in all this. Diversity in the name of diversity. A poor, immigrant boy defeating all odds to broadcast a game on 9/11 to highlight the plight of other minorities. Is Sergio aware there have been black head coaches and executives for like 30 years? The whole thing was truly pathetic and proves ESPN will never learn. It's talent first. Serve your customers, don't force crap on them to show how progressive you are. And for godssakes, get a sense of humor, Sergio Dipp.