Now, it's #NattyTime

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There will never be another like the original Four Loko, and this goof Rovell says they're competing with the new, watered-down version of the Four Loke, for you kids out there.

But a real article from Peter Frost at MillerCoors blog has a different take.

Anheuser-Busch InBev plans to release this fall a new competitor to MillerCoors’ Steel Reserve Alloy Series, a high-gravity flavored malt beverage called Natty Rush.

The brand will make a national play with an 8 percent alcohol by volume version that will be sold in 25-oz. cans and begin sales to retailers starting Oct. 29, Beer Marketer’s Insights (subscription required) reported. A stronger version, called Natty Rush + clocks in at 12 percent ABV and will reportedly debut around the same time in select test markets.

So there you have it. Still just as terrifying.