London Mayor Sadiq Khan Was Consultant For 9/11 Conspirator, Defended Louis Farrakhan

That's cute. London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to disinvite Donald Trump from the U.K. Let's take a look at his history as an attorney.

Here's more from Miles Goslett at Heat Street on "Minister" Farrakhan.

In 2002 Khan represented the hate preacher Louis Farrakhan who, according to the BBC, ‘was [a] man who had described Judaism as “a gutter religion”, characterized Christianity as an oppressive faith linked to the slavery of black people and called Adolf Hitler “great…” .’

Khan tried to overturn a ban on Farrakhan entering the U.K – a ban that had been upheld by successive governments since 1986. Khan told the BBC: “He is preaching a message of self-discipline, self-reliance, atonement and responsibility….It’s outrageous and astonishing that the British Government is trying to exclude this man.”

You may have seen many claims that Khan "defended" Zacharias Moussaoui. He did not defend Moussaoui, the 9/11 conspirator and "20th hijacker. He merely consulted in his defense. Does that make you feel better? From The Lawyer, back in 2003, when no one knew who Khan was. Except terrorists.

 Sadiq Khan, name partner of Christian Khan, was a ‘consultant’ on the defence team of Zacharias Moussaoui and the only practising Muslim on the team, but he was not actually allowed to see Moussaoui when he went to the US in the role of consultant.

So forgive us if the opinion of London's Mayor falls on deaf ears in America. He's simply Obama Lite, and probably would've been great friends with Bill Ayers had he grown up in the U.S. Birds of a feather.