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‘WAKE UP’: This HUGE FBI robbery proves America is in DANGER

In 2021, the largest robbery in U.S. history occurred. It included a massive vault, the theft of 86 MILLION dollars in cash and assets, and several armed participants. You’ve probably never heard this story — at least, the way Glenn tells it — which is exactly what the FBI wants. But Glenn gives you all the details, using this incidence to show you that we’re now living in a different kind of America. Our freedoms and rights are in incredible danger, and now is the time we must take a stand and fearlessly speak out against the countless government crimes happening every day...

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GLENN: This robbery happened in 2015. So this is a recent robbery. And we all know now, who did it. Who broke in, and stole 86 million dollars in cash and assets?

They came in with guns blazing, picked some of the locks of the safety-deposit box, broke open others. But they took everything in the vault. $86 million. Largest in U.S. history.

Have you heard about it? You haven't heard about it, Stu

STU: No. Really I only heard you tease about it from the last couple of days. That's the only time I've ever heard of it. And I followed --

GLENN: Okay. You actually do. You actually do.

It's just been framed differently.

STU: Okay.

GLENN: This is the break-in of the vault. Of Beverly Hills by the FBI. And that's why no one is going to jail for it.

But they should. Let me give you the full story here. FBI began investigating a U.S. private vaults store in Beverly Hills. And what they did, is they were watching people -- they were watching this vault. And somebody on the FBI, just noticed, that there were cars than coming in from Illinois. And going in, and putting things in a vault. But Illinois is a big drug -- big drug state.

So there's evidence number one. Cars were going in, and out. That had Illinois plates.

STU: Yeah. That's not good evidence.

GLENN: Not good evidence. Not good evidence.

STU: I assume there's more to come that's better than that.

GLENN: Not really. I'm just looking at --

STU: Cars with Illinois plates.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah. Cars are coming in with the Illinois plates.

Oh. And -- and there were many of the customers that were using rental cars to come.

And of these rental cars are, of course, associated with drug traffickers, because if they smell marijuana, well, they don't -- you know, you can say, I don't know. Well, I wasn't smoking marijuana. I never had marijuana in the car. It's this rental car. Now, remember, in California, marijuana is legal, okay?

So you had those two things going for the FBI. So they decided to go in. They went to get a warrant. They had six warrants. Five of which, were rather straightforward, and pertained only to the business, and the business owners.

However, according to a study now from the LA Times, the sixth warrant, signed by a U.S. magistrate judge, Steve Kim, in 2021 authorized the agents to seize business equipment from the store, including 1400 safety-deposit boxes, located in the store.

Even though, the agents did not know the identity of the box owners, or have probable cause, to suspect, that the owners of those boxes, were involved in any kind of drug trafficking or money laundering scheme. The government didn't know what was in those boxes. Didn't know who owned them.

What, if anything, these people had done. Because they didn't even know the people.

So 400 customers had their goods, taken from this safety-deposit box.

This is unprecedented. Never happened before. Eighty-seven million dollars. Now, according to court filings, the FBI insisted on the affidavit, that the warrants authorized the seizure of the nest of boxes themselves, but not the contents.

On the warrant itself, signed by the judge, this warrant does not authorize a criminal search or seizure of the contents of the safety-deposit boxes.

However, the FBI didn't care. And they opened up every single one of those boxes, and took the ill-gotten goods.

The FBI later said, it's not under -- we have no obligation to inform the judge how later actions such as criminal investigations against box holders or forfeiture of box contents would play out. So he specifically said, you have no right to open up any of those boxes.

They did. Because they probably had probable cause, but we don't know what the probable cause was.

We have no idea. Because they didn't file it. And when they had probable cause, it was license plates from Illinois. And they were using rental cars.

Seven hundred customers -- I'm sorry, I thought it was 400. It's 700 customers, affected by the FBI raid. Nine were referenced by the FBI in the affidavit.

Thus far, no one has gotten any of their stuff back. None of the customers have been charged with any crimes. Not a single customer out of the 700, not a single customer has been charged with a crime.

STU: But they can't get their stuff back.

GLENN: Right. FBI won't say if any of them have been a subject of a criminal investigation, prior to the raid.

In the alleged -- alleged in the affidavit, only is the fact that those who are irrational, or who have criminal motives, would rent a box, from this -- this safety-deposit box company, rather than a bank. So in the affidavit, that's another thing they told the judge. It's irrational. Why would you keep your money there, instead of at a bank?


STU: It's not your decision to make whether it's rational or not. It's my money, I get to put it wherever I want. It's my stuff, I get to put it wherever I want.

GLENN: Now, the vault company, apparently pled guilty to the drug and money laundering charges. But nothing else has come from the investigation.

The company is out of business. The owners were never charged. The owners were never charged.

Hmm. And now people are suing to get their money back. But a lot of customers aren't willing, to put up all of the money, for -- you know, because not everybody had a lot of money in there. You know, somebody had the ashes of their loved one in a safety-deposit box. Nope. Not getting it back.

And the reason why people aren't willing to do it, is because it's taking a lot -- you're fighting the federal government.

So it's taking a lot of money, to fight the federal government. So people are losing tens of thousands of dollars, at this early stage, just to -- just to make sure that they're cleared. Not getting their stuff back. Just cleared.


STU: It's incredible. How does this stuff happen? How can --

GLENN: This is going to happen more and more. Do you know that in 2008, banks changed the rules, the government changed the rules. That in the case of any kind of emergency, the bank does not allow you to go in to get your safety-deposit box, and open it. It must be opened in the presence of a DHS official.

Did you know that?

STU: It must be.

GLENN: It must be. In case of an emergency, if the government says, it's an emergency and we have -- you know, any stupid reason, to see what's in everybody's safety-deposit box. The banks cannot allow you to take the contents of your box, without a DHS official in the room with you, going through the box.

STU: So, I mean, I guess the theory behind that, would be, what?

Like you have illicit materials, so you'll get caught by the DHS official?

GLENN: Yeah. Let's say there are terrorists. And you have a -- I don't know, a pipe bomb.

Or -- or, you know, plans for a pipe bomb. Be able to catch you.

I personally think, it's to seize your cash. Anybody who has cash --

STU: You have too much cash.

GLENN: To seize it.

STU: You're automatically guilty, as we've seen with this sort of -- the government --

GLENN: You don't even have to say you're guilty.

STU: No crimes.

GLENN: This one, they say, no crimes. No crimes. And yet, they're keeping the $86 million.

STU: This is on the civil asset forfeiture framework. And it's something we've talked about for a long time. It's incomprehensible that this stuff goes on in the United States of America.

If you were to tell me, this happened, you know, in Russia. You would expect it.

GLENN: You would expect it. Correct.

STU: The fact that the United States government is claiming -- and just taking stuff from citizens all across the country, with no crime. Many times, even being charged. Let alone -- I mean, to me, conviction is the point. Where you have an argument.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah.

STU: When you prove your case, you can take the stuff. Not before that. And they had, they're doing it before they can even charge anyone.

GLENN: Listen to this. The lawsuit also claims that some of the box holders who came forward, to reclaim their seized property were then subject to another investigation.

If you went to the FBI and said, I want my stuff back. The FBI examined their baskets. Their DMV records. Their tax returns.

STU: My gosh.

GLENN: And any criminal history checks. Approximately 20 to 30 box holders decided, you know what, I don't want anything to do with this. FBI agent, Linda Zellhart said that many have speculated that those holders, who have walked away, wanted to avoid either becoming an FBI target, or tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

So, in other words, if you just say, you know what, my wife's ashes are just not worth it. Well, maybe you're hiding something.

STU: Oh, my God. So you're guilty, if you walk away. And you're guilty, if you ask.

GLENN: If you ask.

STU: Oh, well, that's it.

GLENN: This is, America, gang.

STU: Is it?

GLENN: Yeah. It is. Today. It is today.

STU: It doesn't seem like it.

GLENN: Yeah. It doesn't. Because it's not a constitutional America.

But this is the America we now live in, and it is important that you wake up and stand up. We have to begin to stand together. Get your preacher off his fat ass.

If he is not already delivering sermons about the blessings of God, because we're stopping abortion. And then warning, what's going to be happening in those other -- if he's too afraid to say anything, about abortion and alert you to the blessings and the dangers, find another church. Talk to him. And say, why not?

If he hems and haws, find another church. Find another church.

If these rights are given to us by God, that's not just a phrase. In the Declaration of Independence. Who else gives rights? Who else?

If you can't say God, then it's got to come from the government. And I don't get anything from the government, especially for free.

I get no rights from the government. If -- if they're not on the front lines, of standing up, and protecting God-given rights, you're in the wrong church.

Go find one. And start standing up for these things. You are about to have a digital currency, that has all of the earmarks of the mark of the beast.

All of the earmarks. Read revelation. Read what cryptocurrency can do, if it's run by the central bank. And read about what it is, in China.

It might as well be the mark of the beast.

You are about to lose everything. Financially, why?

Because of corruption. Is that what God wants. Does God want you to just stand around, and just allow corruption to happen?

Does God -- does God have a positional on mutilation of our children's bodies?

Do you think God has a position on whether it's cool or not, to teach kids, all about sex in second grade?

Do you think God has a position on any of this? Do you think if Jesus came back today, and you were there saying, no. You know what, whatever. About the trans shows. And the stripper shows with the kids.

Do you think God has an opinion on that?

If you don't, I don't know who you worship. He has strong opinions, especially on what happens to his children. And that includes you, me, Democrats. Socialists. Marxists. Kids. Old people.

He has been a definite love for all of us. But he also has an opinion on right or wrong. And if your preacher ain't talking about it, get away from that church, and find one.

Because God's people have got to start standing up, or we lose freedom. The world's freedom will be on our heads.

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