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Bill O’Reilly: Europe wouldn’t be SUFFERING if Trump had won

It’s amazing, Bill O’Reilly tells Glenn, just how much destruction Joe BIden has caused in only two years. Europe will be freezing this winter, O’Reilly says, thanks to their poor policy decisions regarding oil, energy, and Putin. But if Trump had won re-election two years ago, Europe would be facing a much different — and better — reality. O’Reilly and Glenn discuss just how much Biden has continued to ‘diminish,’ plus they discuss whether or not Americans are ready to WAKE UP and put responsible leaders into office next month…

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GLENN: So, Bill, the biggest story of the week.

BILL: Got to be Ian. But, you know, how do you cover it? It's, you know, an act of God. And, you know, you lived in Florida. I lived in Florida. You know when you lived there, and California as well, anything could happen.

And then it happens, and everybody is looking at one another. But there is some good news here that the federal and state governments do work in the capacity of getting help to people, obviously. People's whole lives are destroyed now. They have to build. That's a part of life. But, you know, that's the biggest story of the week. The second biggest story of the week, is Joe Biden's continued diminishment.

GLENN: In what way? The mental diminishment or the diminishment on the world stage?

STU: Well, I can't calibrate the world stage. He's doing the right thing in Ukraine because Putin is on the ropes. And we just -- talk about praying. If you're going to pray for something, he's got to go.

And I'm hoping that the Russian people, you know, you don't get a lot of reporting on it there. But nobody can really be supporting Putin. And he looks terrible. And he's hiding out in --

GLENN: So wait. Wait. Wait.

Before you get into that. Let's cover the Nord Stream pipeline. Who did you think did it? Who is responsible?

BILL: Jill. Jill Biden did it.

GLENN: Come on. Come on. Who do you think did it?

BILL: With a giant hat pin. Come on, Beck. I mean, who the deuce knows who did it?

GLENN: Right. But do you think that we would have done that?

Do you think we -- no matter what I think about the left, I do think that there are people that are that nefarious. But I just can't see our Navy SEALs being ordered to do that. And us doing that.

BILL: No. I don't think that happened, okay?

But you know what the real tragedy of this is? You can watch cable news and hear a half an hour of that. I mean, they just make this stuff up. Because the rates are going down so quickly. And they -- come on. Oh, yeah.

This is what -- and you're sitting there going, if there's no facts, which there aren't in this. Okay. All you have to say is, gee. It's possible that maybe Putin went down in a diving bill. But you can't, you know. I mean, come on.

GLENN: Yeah. So we just had Chris Stewart on, and he's a congressman. He's on the Intel committee. And highly decorated Air Force colonel, I think.

And he said, you know, they're -- we just -- we didn't do this.

But he doesn't say, who did it. And he didn't rule out that some of our money, that we're just sending out, with -- with no accountants, might have been used by some nefarious figure to -- to do it. But his point was, it doesn't matter. It means we're at the beginning of something very, very bad. Not the end and wind down of a war.

BILL: Well, look, Europe is going to suffer this winter, as the people of Florida is suffering now. And some of us believe that, okay. You had an opportunity to get away from Russia, and you didn't. And so, this is what happens, when you dine with the devil.

I know you're a big Machiavelli fan, Beck. But there's a very famous quote: If you dine with the devil, bring a long spoon. Because if you get into bed with these evil people, they will turn on you. And that is what is going to happen this winter in Europe. It's going to be chilly over there. Now -- but here's the worst part of it.

Two years ago, and I just want everyone listening to Beck O'Reilly and Stu right now. Think back just two years ago.

The United States had the most vibrant economy on the planet, on earth. We were exporting oil and natural gas, to foreign countries and reaping the benefits financially of that. One man gets elected president, and destroys the entire economy in two years, including the fuel industry of the USA. How is that. So if were energy independent right now, if Trump had been re-elected, we would be making billions and billions of dollars, and the Europeans would not be so chilly this winter.

GLENN: How does -- how does the German government not get overthrown, if tens of thousands of Germans freeze to death, and they're not turning their -- their nuclear power plants back on? How --

BILL: It's up to them. I was in Germany a couple years ago. It's like the United States. If you're -- I don't know what they're doing over there. Okay. But you're getting punished now because foolish policy. And maybe you guys want to wise up. Look, it's about America.

Are we going to wise up in five weeks, Beck? On November 8?

Is this country going to wise up? I think it might.

GLENN: No. I think it will go better than -- well, I don't want to jinx it. I endorse all the Democrats. How is that? Because every time I endorse somebody, they lose. So I endorse every Democrat.

I don't know -- I hope -- my feeling is watching things, people are waking up.

I don't know how it plays out. But if everyone who wants to save the country, isn't voting, they -- they're part of the problem.

You've got to go out and vote. You have to!

BILL: I can't understand how anyone can vote for a Democrat. And I'm not a party guy. You know that.

Not just the Republicans. Are these geniuses? No, they're not.

But how could you -- I don't know what the overall campaign slogan, is?

Hey, if you want less money, vote for Democrats!

Is that what they're campaigning on?

If you want more bodies in the streets, vote for us!

We're going to have more dead people. Because we're not going to enforce the law. If you want ten million undocumented migrants. Vote for us. Because we're not shutting anything down.

You likable fentanyl. Vote for us. You'll have plenty of it.

That's the Democratic platform.

And we're at that point. I've been doing it for almost 15 years. I've never seen the kind of political insanity, in America, that I see today.

And it's affecting every person. You are paying more for your cheeseburger. Hello!

GLENN: I can't believe --

BILL: Are you going to vote for Kathy Hochul? And they might. They might.

GLENN: I can't believe, Bill, that we're at a place, where we all agree, five years ago, that pedophilia is bad. Is bad. And should never be normalized. We knew that grooming children, or showing children, what really is pornography, teaching them about sexual acts, in the second grade. Having trans -- drag shows, in school libraries. And have them strip in front of little kids.

We all knew that was wrong. All knew.

I didn't change. You changed. Americans who have, for some reason, have gone down this road. They've gone down this road, so far, that they've had to just accept that this is okay now.

And they know it's not. They know it's not. But if they can't turn the corner now, it's only going to get worse.

BILL: Yeah. They're too distracted to get involved." I don't think you'll see a high turnout in November. I think Republicans will turn out more than Democrats. And here's what the polls never show. If the African-American community, which is getting hammered, worst of all. By the Democrats. If they stay home. And that's not calibrated by polling. Then it's a rout.

It's a rout, and that could very well happen.

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