While Questions Remain Unanswered, Concern About The Coronavirus Grows

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For a second day the markets tumbled, the worst performance in two years, as investors worry about the impact of the coronavirus on travel and trade. The Dow shed another 879 points.

US Forces Korea reports the first positive test of cornavirus in a US service member among the 28,000 US troops in South Korea. The patient, a 23-year-old man, is stationed at Camp Carroll in Waegwan, only 12 miles from Daegu. Medical teams are trying to determine with whom he came into contact and may have been exposed.

Federal health officials say cases of coronavirus in the US has remained at 14 for two weeks, and "We're gonna keep working to contain the spread of this" says HHS Secretary Alex Azar. But the CDC warns that while the risk in the United States remains low, we need to prepare "for significant disruption to our lives."

Lawmakers of both parties are expressing concern over the White House's response to the virus in the US.

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