One House, Four Murders. When Will Anyone Give A Damn?

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A quadruple homicide happened in Cleveland.

What makes the the loss of four souls even more tragic, is that isn't the first one this city has seen in 2019. A google search of "quadruple homicide Cleveland" yields two different shootings since the first pitch of the Indians' season. Not even three months after a man killed four people, including two children under the age of ten, four bodies were discovered in an abandoned house in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood on the east side of Cleveland.

Jazmyne Lawson, 18, Christopher Monroe, 23, Dejuan Willis, 20 and Aiyanna Quitman, 19, were identified as the four victims shot to death in an abandoned house on E. 144th St. Lawson, the youngest of the four victims was pregnant at the time of her murder.

At a press conference Wednesday, Cleveland police confirmed that the four were killed in the same house about two weeks before they were discovered. Police also said that despite some leads, no arrests have been made. County prosecutor Michael O’Malley also announced a $10,000 reward for anyone with information on the shooter.

Cleveland Police found the four victims, all in a state of advanced decomposition, on the third floor attic of the home along with a gun in the room. Cleveland Police also confirmed that the property was a known drug house.

The first step of fixing a problem is realizing there is one.

While there is an obvious gun problem in the City of Cleveland, that isn't the truly distinctive issue. The underlying problem is, that while most of the people who live in Cleveland know that there is a huge gun problem, the people who have the legislative power to fix it think the City Of Cleveland only includes the sections they use for cutaway shots during Browns telecasts. What they seem to forget is that there is another larger, forgotten part of the city. A part where is it much harder to thrive, let alone survive.

With over 120 homicides, 2018 was the fourth straight year that the City of Cleveland was over 100 murders. According from figures from the county coroner, four out of five murders in Cuyahoga County involved a gun. Most of these murders happen far away from Public Square, The Flats, or any of the professional sports stadiums. And a quick scan of the news tells you that it seems to happen to an inordinate amount of minorities.

A cynical person would wonder if city leaders even care about what happens away from where the money is made. An idealistic person would wonder how effective city leadership really is. Both would agree that something needs to be done.

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