Tonight, The President Must Bring The Country Together

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Tonight, the President will fulfill one of his Constitutional requirements and deliver the State Of The Union address. Anyone who has been following the recent events in Washington knows that this will be one of most important speech of Donald Trump's Presidency.

When the President walks into the House Chamber, it will be less than two weeks after the longest Government Shutdown in history was resolved, and in many ways the country is still just as divided.

The shutdown was a symptom to a much larger problem, and the President will have to recognize that to bridge the divide between both sides of the isle .


In order to bring both sides together, President Trump has to highlight the positive things that have happened during this administration. Job growth, especially among minorities has been at a record level since he took office in January of 2017.


But to bridge the divide, The President will have to convince the Democrats that border security, specifically a wall, is imperative.


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