Downtown Cleveland Alliance Update With CEO Michael Deemer - 11-10-21

Michael Deemer, President & CEO from The Downtown Cleveland Alliance spoke to Bill about Last week, the City of Cleveland elected a new Mayor, and DCA played a part in getting people out to vote. Plus, What are the big priorities Downtown Cleveland Alliance is focused on with the new administration

  • Final Downtown turnout was 13.9%, beating out both the Primary and 2017 General. Ward-level turnout was up from the Primary, and roughly even with 2017.
  • Seeing more engagement in the local political process
  • Our Public Policy Agenda is on DCA's website- we are excited to work with the new administration on the policy areas that impact Downtown, including things like improved mobility options, a strong toolbox of economic development incentives, and diverse housing options.
  • Time is now- Downtown is recovering from the latest data- Foot traffic is up 92% from sept 2020. 35 retail openings since 2020. Employees are returning to the office
  • Upcoming events like Winterfest CLE, Winter Season of Events leading up to NBA All Star game in February- these event impact our downtown foot traffic, give a boost to local small businesses and play a major role in the 4 seasons Downtown we’re building

Congratulate Kerry McCormack on his re-election, Stephanie Howse and Richard Starr on their election to council, and Blaine Griffin on his election as Council President

What are the big priorities Downtown Cleveland Alliance is focused on with the new administration?

  1. Talent attraction & business attraction
  2. Creating an irresistible safe and welcoming pedestrian experience
  3. Seamlessly connecting waterfronts, neighborhoods, and downtown districts with development and mobility infrastructure improvements

For more information, or if you’re interested in relocating or expanding into Downtown Cleveland visit

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